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Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum'n'Fun! Surpasses One Million Sales, Free DLC Now Available

Drum roll please...Update (Wed 15th Jul, 2020 09:30 BST): Good news! The free DLC, known as the 'Over 1 Million Sold Celebration! I LOVE GAMES' pack, has also been distributed to a number of other regions around the world including Europe and Australia. If you own a copy of the game, make sure to check the eShop in your region to see if you can claim...

Nintendo Expands Its Switch Online SNES And NES Service With Three More Titles

Available now!Today, the Nintendo Switch Online service adds Rare's 1994 Super Nintendo classic, Donkey Kong Country.Alongside this is the arrival of the SNES title Natsume Championship Wrestling (originally released in the same year), and the 1990 Electronic Arts NES title, The Immortal.Read the full article on

Deadly Premonition Origins Is On Sale For Half Price Until 26th July

Solve the original case.There's been a lot of concerns raised over the past week about the performance of Deadly Premonition 2: A Blessing In Disguise. If you're still interested, but a bit worried about this aspect of the game, why not opt with the original outing until the sequel is patched.Read the full article on

PSA: Remember To Update Your Joy-Con, As Well As Your Nintendo Switch

Controller updates arrive with Version 10.1.0.Yesterday, as you probably already know, Nintendo rolled out a new system update for the Switch. Version 10.1.0 is one of the smaller updates in recent months and sees the return of sweet stability improvements.It's not just the system itself that's been updated, though. It turns out there's also a new update...

Super Mario Maker 2 Version 3.0.1 Is Now Available, Here Are The Full Patch Notes

The first update since the final major one.Nintendo released its final major update for Super Mario Maker 2 earlier this year in April. That doesn't necessarily mean it's completely stopped supporting the game, though. It still plans to release minor updates to further polish the experience and the first update since 3.0.0 is now available.According...

Nintendo's Ace Pilots Star In This Week's Smash Bros. Ultimate Tournament

Starts this Friday.This week, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is hosting a tournament for all of its top pilots. The line-up includes Fox and Wolf from Star Fox, Captain Falcon from the F-Zero series, Zero Suit Samus from the Metroid series, and Olimar from Pikmin.All of the stages featured in this upcoming tournament will include vehicles. The event itself...

Nintendo Locks In Release Dates For Its Joker And Hero Smash Bros. amiibo

September for Japan, October for the US.One of the highlights during the most recent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate presentation was when Masahiro Sakurai revealed the Joker and Hero would be immortalised as amiibo. Since then, fans have been wondering when exactly they would arrive.Nintendo has now locked in some release dates. If you live in Japan, Australia,...

Netflix's Dragon's Dogma Anime Will Arrive This September

Here's a first look.Netflix has already turned the Castlevania video game series by Konami into a highly successful animated show. Now, following in its footsteps is a new anime based on Capcom's action role-playing game, Dragon's Dogma. It's launching on 17th of September.Read the full article on

Feature: Burnout Paradise Remastered Dev On Optimisation, Resisting Temptation And Nailing 60 FPS On Switch

"If it’s not 60 FPS, it’s not Burnout".When word broke that 2008's Burnout Paradise would be returning to consoles in remastered form, Switch owners got nervous when there was no mention of Criterion's seminal open-world racer releasing on Nintendo's platform. It took nearly two years, but a Switch port did eventually materialise and we've been enjoying...

Pokémon Center Online Store Adds New Shirts, Posters And More

Feel like treating yourself?If you or someone you know is in the market for some lovely new Pokémon merchandise, you'll want to check out the latest offerings over at the official Pokémon Center store.A whole new wave of items has appeared over the past few days, including lots of new t-shirts featuring favourite monsters from Pokémon Sword and Shield,...

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