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A Black History Month-themed police car in Miami draws criticism

Some community members describe the cruiser as tone deaf and ill-timed, given tensions with police around the country. Miami police said they stand by the decision to unveil the special design. (Image credit: Miami Police Department )

The U.S. has downed a Chinese spy balloon off the coast of the Carolinas

The suspected Chinese spy balloon was noticed in recent days in Montana and slowly crossed the U.S. The downing came shortly after the FAA ordered flights in the region halted. (Image credit: Larry Mayer/AP)

Democrats vote to upend presidential primary calendar for 2024 but challenges persist

The vote cements a shift in the presidential primary calendar that many Democrats have long called for and elevates states with greater diversity and voter access. (Image credit: ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Shlomo Perel, a Holocaust survivor who inspired the film 'Europa Europa,' dies at 98

Shlomo Perel, who survived the Holocaust through surreal subterfuge and an extraordinary odyssey that inspired his own writing and an internationally renowned film, has died in Israel.(Image credit: Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial via AP)

Dozens of soldiers are freed in a Russia-Ukraine prisoner swap

A Ukrainian official said the released POWs included troops who held out in Mariupol during Moscow's monthslong siege that reduced the southern port city to ruins. (Image credit: LIBKOS/AP)

A 50-car freight train derailed in Ohio, causing a big fire and evacuations

The resulting large fire prompted an evacuation order in a village near the Pennsylvania state line. There was no immediate information about what caused the derailment. No injuries were reported.(Image credit: Melissa Smith via AP)

Poetry finally has its own Grammy category – mostly thanks to J. Ivy, nominee

Poet J. Ivy is a nominee for the Grammys' Best Spoken Word Poetry Album award — a new category he helped create, after petitioning the Recording Academy.(Image credit: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)

Even after you think you bought a car, dealerships can 'yo-yo' you and take it back

NPR investigated a practice called a yo-yo sale and found it's hurting car buyers nationwide, tougher rules can make a difference, and the Federal Trade Commission has a chance to crack down.(Image credit: Arin Yoon for NPR)

Gas stove makers have a pollution solution. They're just not using it

Gas utilities and cooking stove manufacturers knew for decades that burners could be made that emit less pollution in homes, but they chose not to. That may may be about to change.(Image credit: Sean Gladwell/Getty Images)

Iowa Alzheimer's care facility is fined $10,000 after pronouncing a living woman dead

The woman was unresponsive, and nurses were unable to detect her breathing. A state agency report found the facility "failed to ensure residents received dignified treatment and care at end of life."(Image credit: Google Earth/Screenshot by NPR)

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