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Mattel's Barbie Turns Women Of Science, Including COVID Vaccine Developer, Into Dolls

Professor Sarah Gilbert, a leader on the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, is one of six women in health care who now have Barbies in their image. She hopes they will inspire girls to enter STEM careers.(Image credit: Mattel Inc.)

Serious Cases Remain Rare, But Coronavirus In Children Is On The Rise

The number of children infected increased over the last two weeks of July after declining earlier in the summer. However, child hospitalizations and deaths related to the virus remain incredibly low.(Image credit: Mary Altaffer/AP)

To Save A Huge, 24-Armed Sea Creature, Scientists Become Loving Foster Parents

A mysterious disease is killing off the West Coast's enormous sunflower sea star, so researchers have launched an ambitious effort to breed this species in captivity.(Image credit: Dennis Wise/University of Washington)

Sports Science Is Changing How Female Olympians Train. It Could Help You, Too

U.S. Olympic heptathlete Annie Kunz says tracking her monthly cycles and learning she needs to eat more and get more naps when she's fatigued has already improved her athletic performance.(Image credit: Steph Chambers/Getty Images)

Why Even The Most Elite Investors Do Dumb Things When Investing

A new study finds finance professionals fail at their jobs in a surprising way. There are lessons for all of us.(Image credit: Augusto Ordóñez/Pixabay)

Q&A: What's Different About The Delta Variant

Health officials around the world are adjusting their plans for combatting the coronavirus in light of the more infectious Delta variant — and evidence that even vaccinated people can spread it.

A Research Vessel Found SpongeBob Look-Alikes A Mile Under The Ocean's Surface

A photo of a real-life sponge and starfish hanging out together delighted the internet. But "the reality is a little crueler than perhaps a cartoon would suggest," says the researcher who posted it.(Image credit: NOAA Ocean Exploration)

As COVID Concern Grows In Kansas, So Does Confusion Over Who Is In Charge

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly, a Democrat, has been hesitant to issue any statewide mandates without a ruling from the state Supreme Court on her powers. Counties aren't jumping at the opportunity either.(Image credit: Abigail Censky/KCUR)

Why Sweat Is A Human Superpower

Sweat is an "evolutionary marvel," says Sarah Everts, the author of The Joy of Sweat. In her new book, Everts delves into the science of perspiration and how this trait has enabled humans to thrive.(Image credit: Cavan Images/Getty Images)

New Study Links Rate Of Emissions To Extreme Weather

NPR's Ari Shapiro speaks with Dr. Jennifer Francis, an expert who studies disproportionate Earth warming, about the new study linking the rate of emissions to the likelihood of extreme heat.

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