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Study finds microscopic life in 830-million-year-old crystal – and it might be alive!

A recent study in the journal Geology finds microorganisms trapped in an 830-million-year-old salt crystal. The researchers say it might still be alive.

Russia's war in Ukraine is threatening an outpost of cooperation in space

For decades, U.S. astronauts and Russian cosmonauts have lived side-by-side aboard the International Space Station. Now some are wondering whether that partnership can withstand the war in Ukraine.(Image credit: NASA)

Scientists discover an ancient forest inside a giant sinkhole in China

The sinkhole spans an area nearly three football fields long and is deep enough to hide the Washington Monument. Explorers descended into the pit, where they found ancient trees and other plant life.(Image credit: Xinhua News Agency/Getty Images)

How Rahima came to hold a special place in smallpox history — and help ensure its end

Scientists went to extraordinary lengths to eradicate smallpox from the world. Rahima Banu is now recorded as having the last known naturally-occurring case of the deadly form.(Image credit: Daniel Tarantola/WHO)

Pro-Trump counties continue to suffer far higher COVID death tolls

As Americans commemorate a million deaths due to COVID-19, the partisan divide of who has gotten sick and died continues to grow, mostly due to disinformation about the vaccines. (Image credit: Daniel Wood/NPR)

Foresters hope 'assisted migration' will preserve landscapes as the climate changes

Foresters responding to climate change are experimenting with planting trees in Vermont that typically are found further south. They hope the trees will survive hotter and drier conditions to come.(Image credit: Emma Jacobs for NPR)

The case for revolutionizing child care in America

A new book argues that greater public support for parents is critical for the brain development of America's kids.(Image credit: Pixabay)

FDA announces plans to ease the shortage of baby formula

Abbott, one of the largest formula-makers in the U.S., has reached an agreement with the government to bring a closed factory back on line. And the FDA is easing some restrictions on imported formula.(Image credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Scientists eavesdrop on an ancient river giant: the lake sturgeon

Lake sturgeon used to be common in rivers and lakes from Minnesota to Louisiana. Now the species is near extinction. Scientists are implanting radio transmitters to see how they can help save them.

The wildfires burning in the Southwest are bad but 'not unprecedented'

Experts say the Southwestern U.S. is drier than it's been in some 1,200 years, which is one of, but not the only, drivers of the large infernos burning in New Mexico.(Image credit: New Mexico National Guard via AP)

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