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Author Interview: 'The New Phd: How To Build A Better Graduate Education'

NPR's Michel Martin speaks with professor Leonard Cassuto and former university administrator Robert Weisbuch about their new book.

Biden's Plans To Reopen Schools In His First 100 Days

Biden has made reopening most K-12 schools a major priority for his first 100 days and he's signed a flurry of executive orders indicating a much stronger role in federal leadership to do that safely.

News Brief: Vaccine Rollout, State Of The Economy, Biden's Education Plan

The U.S.' coronavirus vaccine rollout continues to be difficult. A look at the state of the economy as Biden begins his presidency. And, Biden wants to open schools as soon as possible.

Biden Announces Executive Actions Meant To Help Reopen Schools

The new measures would increase testing and access to personal protective equipment for schools, and create a centralized, national database of school coronavirus cases.(Image credit: Lea Suzuki/San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images)

President Biden Extends Student Loan Payment Freeze Through Sept. 30

Following an official action from President Biden Wednesday, the Education Department extended pandemic relief from payments for about 41 million federal student loan borrowers through Sept. 30.(Image credit: Delphine Lee/ NPR)

SAT Discontinues Subject Tests And Optional Essay

The College Board, citing the pandemic for the changes, will shift focus to a new digital version of the college entrance exam.(Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR)

University Of Tennessee Fires Head Football Coach Over Alleged Recruitment Violations

The university announced it will terminate Jeremy Pruitt, two assistant coaches and seven staffers after an investigation found "serious violations of NCAA rules."(Image credit: Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

'I've Tried Everything': Pandemic Has Cut Options For Kids With Mental Illness

When schools closed last spring, children with severe mental illnesses were cut off from the services they'd come to rely on. Many have since spiraled into emergency rooms and even police custody.(Image credit: Audra Melton for NPR)

Didn't Get Enough Financial Aid For College? You Can Ask For More Money

The FAFSA uses tax data from two years ago to determine a student's eligibility for financial aid for college. But if your financial situation has changed since then, there are ways to get more money.(Image credit: LA Johnson/NPR)

How To Talk To Children About The Insurrection, Other Difficult Issues

In strange and historic times, how can teachers talk to students about events like the attack on the U.S. Capitol? How do you talk about events that even adults have trouble finding words for?

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