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Jason Reynolds: How Can We Connect With Kids Through The Written Word?

Jason Reynolds is an award-winning author and National Ambassador for Young People's Literature. This hour, Jason speaks with Manoush about reaching kids through stories that let them feel understood.(Image credit: James J. Reddington)

Despite ALS Challenges, Ex-NFL Player Tim Green Releases Another Book

Former NFL player and NPR commentator Tim Green has been battling ALS since 2018. While his physical condition deteriorates, his mind remains sharp. He's written a new novel called: Final Season.

This Thoughtful, Profound Thriller Centers On Identity And Its Many Layers

Amanda Jayatissa's My Sweet Girl is a twisty psychological thriller — but also a nuanced examination of identity as its Sri Lankan American heroine struggles with a murder that may not have happened.(Image credit: Berkley)

Colson Whitehead Returns To His Home Turf With 'Harlem Shuffle'

Whitehead says his latest novel was inspired by his love of heist movies. The story centers on a furniture store owner who has a side hustle trafficking in stolen goods. (Image credit: Chris Close/Penguin Random House)

Walking Through "The Country Of Others"

In her new novel, In the Country of Others, Leila Slimani explores what it means to be an outsider. Her characters fight to establish their own identities while their country, Morocco, does the same.(Image credit: Penguin Random House/Catherine Helie)

Here Are The Longlist Nominees For This Year's National Book Awards

The longlist nominees for this year's National Book Awards are being announced over the course of the next few days — we'll have them all right here in a continuously updated post.(Image credit: Piotr Wytrążek)

Atrocities Of 'Conquistadores' Take Shape In New History By Mexican-Born Author

Historian Fernando Cervantes marshals an enormous array of primary and secondary sources to tell the story of the decades that followed Christopher Columbus' arrival to the New World.(Image credit: Viking)

'Peril' Details Secret Actions Carried Out During The Last Days Of Trump's Presidency

NPR's A Martínez speaks with Washington Post reporter Isaac Stanley-Becker about the details of a new book on former President Trump by Post journalists Bob Woodward and Robert Costa.

News Brief: Newsom Survives Recall, New Book About Trump, Pandemic Burnout

California's governor survives a recall election. A new book details concerns during the final days of the Trump administration. And, health care workers' burnout could be affecting patient care.

Colson Whitehead's Latest Gives Readers A Half-Crook You'll Wholly Love

The versatile novelist moves away from the heavier themes that won him a brace of Pulitzer Prizes in Harlem Shuffle, a heist caper starring a mostly-upright furniture salesman with a criminal streak.(Image credit: Doubleday)

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