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Two Novelists, Avi and Brian Farrey, Use Fiction to Show Kids Why Facts Matter

“Loyalty” and “The Counterclockwise Heart” — set in 1774 Boston and a fairy-tale kingdom divided against itself — explore how misinformation stokes fear and incites violence.

The French Naturalist Who Loved To Paint Mushrooms

Jean-Henri Fabre, known for his popular books on insects, was a man of many hobbies.

Four New Crime Novels

Stephen Hunter’s new novel, “Targeted,” features the retired Marine sniper Bob Lee Swagger — who’s still a crack shot — in his 12th adventure.

From Blood and Phlegm to Alcohol and Defenestration, Novels of Heartache

Fiction by Mina Seçkin, Lisa Harding, Neel Patel and Renée Branum tells of transnational family and loss.

New in Paperback: ‘Harlem Shadows’ and ‘The Black Church’

Six new paperbacks to check out this week.

Seeking Enlightenment, He Disappeared Into a Hiker’s Bermuda Triangle

In “Lost in the Valley of Death,” Harley Rustad follows the long and winding road that led Justin Alexander Shetler to India’s Parvati Valley.

Heroic Outcasts Who Reshaped America

James R. Gaines’s “The Fifties” describes a decade when opposition to a stifling national consensus was costly and courageous.

11 New Books We Recommend This Week

Suggested reading from critics and editors at The New York Times.

Michael Schur’s Unending Quest to Be Perfect

The comedy writer, known for shows like “Parks and Recreation” and “The Good Place,” has a surprising new project: a book about moral philosophy that explores how to be a good person.

Tom McCarthy Thinks the Wrong Kurt Vonnegut Book Is Famous

“I was really disappointed when I read ‘Slaughterhouse-Five,’” says the author of “The Making of Incarnation” and other novels. “But then I read his ‘Mother Night,’ and thought it was brilliant.”

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