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N.R.A. Chief Takes the Stand, With Cracks in His Armor

Wayne LaPierre has led the National Rifle Association for 30 years, but his implacable image looked threadbare in bankruptcy court.

2 Korean Battery Makers Settle Dispute That Threatened Biden’s Green Agenda

The settlement between LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation ensures that a battery plant in Georgia will go forward without hampering electric vehicle production.

The Week in Business: Amazon Defeats the Union

Amazon workers in Alabama voted down the biggest push for unionizing in the company’s history.

My Family’s Global Vaccine Journey

We were spread across three continents, at the mercy of vaccine geopolitics. Which of us would be inoculated last?

The Traveling Work Diary of a Master Distiller

Marianne Eaves has traded the distillery life for travels with her partner’s circus, connecting to clients in the spirits business from all over the globe.

Social Media Etiquette Review

Despite your best efforts, you may cause someone pain with that Tweet or Facebook post. Here’s a refresher on social media best practices, along with advice for some pandemic-only dilemmas.

The Wall Street Journal’s Internal Audit

A look at what the newsroom’s internal study — The Content Review — concluded about the paper’s faults.

Saudi Aramco Sells Oil Pipeline Stake for $12.4 Billion

Aramco is under pressure from its main owner, the Saudi government, to generate cash to finance state operations as well as new investments.

AstraZeneca Vaccine and Blood Clots: What Is Known So Far

In rare cases, an immune reaction has led to antibodies that caused a serious clotting disorder. But public health experts maintain the vaccine’s benefits far outweigh the risks for most people.

What Working Too Much Does to Your Body

Excess work isn’t good for anyone, employers included. So why are we still doing it?

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