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San Jose State to Pay $1.6 Million to 13 Students in Sexual Harassment Case

Investigations by the university and the Justice Department identified 23 student-athletes who had been inappropriately touched by an athletic trainer, officials said.

New York’s Superstar Progressive Isn’t A.O.C.

Ritchie Torres isn’t a household name. He should be.

D.C.’s mayor says adults in schools and eligible student-athletes must get vaccinated by Nov. 1.

Mayor Muriel E. Bowser’s announcement eliminates an earlier testing option for school employees but retains exemptions for religious or health reasons.

Parents May Hesitate to Vaccinate Younger Children Against Covid

Children have so far been vaccinated at lower rates than adults, and polling indicates greater hesitation among parents of younger children.

A New Covid Testing Model Aims to Spare Students From Quarantine

More school districts are embracing “test-to-stay” protocols that allow uninfected close contacts to remain in the classroom.

Covid Vaccine Prompts Strong Immune Response in Younger Children, Pfizer Says

Vaccinated kids aged 5 to 11 showed evidence of protection against the virus, the company said. The data must be reviewed by the F.D.A. before children can be inoculated.

Schools Reopen: Stories From Across Pandemic America

Across the country, students are returning to classes. We connected with hundreds of them to see how they — along with teachers, administrators and parents — are coping.

TikTok’s Latest Craze: Stealing Stuff From School

Students are taking things like soap dispensers, fire alarms and bathroom mirrors. TikTok and educators are trying to stop it, but it’s gone viral.

Schools Are Seeing Shortages of Bus Drivers, Cafeteria Workers and Other Essential Roles

Just weeks into the new year, schools are struggling to fill jobs. Low pay, few benefits and erratic schedules are keeping workers away.

Former Georgetown Tennis Coach Agrees to Plead Guilty in Admissions Scandal

Gordon Ernst was accused of taking bribes to designate at least 12 students as recruits, including some who did not play tennis competitively.

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