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Education Issues Vault to Top of the G.O.P.’s Presidential Race

Donald Trump and possible rivals, like Gov. Ron DeSantis, are making appeals to conservative voters on race and gender issues, but such messages had a mixed record in November’s midterm elections.

Agriculture Dept. Proposes Limits on Sugar and Salt in School Meals

The proposed guidelines are part of the Biden administration’s push to address childhood obesity, diabetes and other diet-related diseases.

The Road to a Supreme Court Clerkship Starts at Three Ivy League Colleges

The chances of obtaining a coveted clerkship, a new study found, increase sharply with undergraduate degrees from Harvard, Yale or Princeton.

At This School, Computer Science Class Now Includes Critiquing Chatbots

Move over, coding. Some schools are asking student programmers to think critically about rapid advances in artificial intelligence.

‘Bad Apples’ or Systemic Issues?

From the police to academia, we often see what we want to see.

Erasing Black History Is Not the Role of the College Board

The way forward is confronting this history, not wishing it away.

House G.O.P. Subpoenas Biden Officials for Investigating School-Related Threats

Representative Jim Jordan, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, demanded documents for an investigation into whether the government mistreated parents scrutinized after threats against school officials.

Congress Expands Scrutiny of Junior R.O.T.C. Programs

Senators said they were “disturbed” by reports that schools were automatically enrolling students into the military program. Lawmakers are also examining other issues.

Charter School Expansion Faces Tough Fight in New York

Gov. Kathy Hochul wants to allow more charter schools to open in New York City. But as the public school system loses students, the effort faces strong political headwinds.

DeSantis’s Efforts to Make Education in Florida Less ‘Woke’

The Florida governor’s influence on an A.P. Black studies course. Also: The killing of Black men; a formidable Trump; anti-boycott bills; living without plastic.

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