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The Dangers of Failing Grades

Districts are trying to figure out what to do with students who fell behind this year.

Supreme Court Rules for Student in First Amendment Case

A Pennsylvania school district violated the First Amendment by disciplining a student for off-campus speech, the court ruled.

The pandemic affected mental health and college plans for U.S. high schoolers.

¿Cómo se transporta un fresco de Diego Rivera de 30 toneladas? Con mucho cuidado

“Unidad Panamericana”, un fresco poco conocido de Diego Rivera que celebra las Américas, ha sido cuidadosamente extraído de su hogar en el City College y trasladado al SFMOMA.

University of Washington Police Officers File Racism Claims

Police officers at the University of Washington in Seattle, regarded as one of the nation’s most progressive cities, said they were the target of racist insults and harassment.

How Do You Move a 30-Ton Diego Rivera Fresco? Very Carefully.

Diego Rivera’s rarely seen “Pan American Unity,” which celebrates the Americas, has been carefully extracted from its home at City College and moved to SFMOMA.

Why the Hollywood Elite Are Giving to Los Angeles Schools

Tuesday: A group including George Clooney is set to start a film and television school in the city’s public school district.

Emily Oster Fought to Reopen Schools, Becoming a Hero and a Villain

The economist Emily Oster offers loads of data-driven advice about children and Covid-19. Many parents live by her words. Others say she’s dangerous.

In N.C.A.A. Case, Supreme Court Backs Payments to Student-Athletes

The association argued that the payments were a threat to amateurism and that barring them did not violate the antitrust laws.

George Clooney's New Cause: A Public High School in Los Angeles

The actor and other stars will start a school to train teenagers for jobs in Hollywood, the latest in a series of entertainment industry donations to city schools.

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