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The First Covid Vaccine Tested in Humans by Moderna Shows Promise

The vaccine, developed by government scientists and Moderna, a biotech company, appeared safe and provoked an immune response in 45 people in a study.

Abraham Vega, 48, ‘Peacemaking’ Texas Sheriff, Dies

Remarried, likely to win re-election in November, he was embarking on a second act when he died of the novel coronavirus.

2 Stylists Had Coronavirus, but Wore Masks. 139 Clients Didn’t Fall Sick.

A new study looks at what might have been a dangerous outbreak — had it not been for vigilant mask wearing.

Coronavirus News: Live Updates

Refrigerated morgue trucks are needed in Texas and Arizona. The Trump administration backed away from stripping foreign students of their visas.

How I Came Out About My Disability

Three writers share how they revealed their disability, to a family member, to a love interest on a dating app and to oneself.

Baby Was Infected With Coronavirus in Womb, Study Reports

Researchers said the case strongly suggests that Covid-19 can be transmitted in utero. Both the mother and baby have recovered.

The Flu May Linger in the Air, Just Like the Coronavirus

As scientists race to understand how coronavirus aerosols may spread indoors, a new study on influenza offers some clues.

Nasal Coronavirus Vaccines May Work Better Than Injected Ones, Researchers Say

Some experts say a vaccine puffed in the nose would be better at protecting people from infection. But nasal vaccines won’t be ready right away.

C.D.C. Employees Ask Agency to Address ‘Racism and Discrimination’

More than 1,000 employees signed a letter criticizing the agency for “scant progress in addressing the very real challenges Black employees experience.”

Coronavirus Live: Updates From Around the Globe

Florida broke its record for most deaths in a single day, and Republicans are rethinking their convention there. People in England will be required to wear masks inside shops and supermarkets.

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