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European Central Bank Raises Rates Again

Another half-point increase pushed rates to the highest levels since 2008, and the bank said it “expects to raise them further.”

Window Stickers to Prevent Bird Strikes Only Work One Way

Every year, hundreds of millions of birds die in the United States from flying into glass. New research shows how to prevent some of those deaths.

Shell’s Profit Soared to $42 Billion in 2022

The record haul, pushed by high energy prices and a hunger for liquefied natural gas, came as a new chief signaled a more “balanced approach” to renewable energy.

Encouraging Economic Signs

New data suggests a promising possibility for the economy — that the U.S. avoids big job losses.

A Revolution in How Democrats Pick a President

A plan spearheaded by President Biden could see Iowa replaced as the first state to vote in the party’s primaries.

Motorcycle Rides, Beach Breezes and the Shrimp I’ll Never Forget

Reader, I don’t even remember his name. But I can still taste the buttery garlic shrimp we shared by the roadside — a modern classic in Hawaii if there ever was one.

They Ran an Illegal Scam. Do We Let Our Child Go to Their Home?

The magazine’s Ethicist columnist on the boundaries one sets with wrongdoers and their children.

Bank of England Raises Rates to 4 Percent

The bank raised rates by half a point to the highest since 2008, but softened its tone on future rate increases.

A U.S. Ambassador Finds Himself on Hostile Ground in Hungary

David Pressman, a gay human rights lawyer, has been accused by pro-government media in Hungary of undermining traditional values, violating diplomatic conventions and meddling in the judiciary.

She Took On Atlanta’s Gangs. Now She May Be Coming For Trump.

Fani Willis’s aggressive tactics have sparked criticism — and won over voters. What do they tell us about how she might prosecute the former president?

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