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New York City Will Require Vaccinations for Municipal Workers

The planned mandate, covering more than 300,000 employees, will remove an option to take regular tests instead of getting shots. Here’s the latest.

Bombing of Military Bus in Syrian Capital Kills 14

President Bashar al-Assad has tightened his grip on Damascus, but the attack suggested that militants who oppose him can still do harm.

Queen ‘Reluctantly’ Cancels Trip, Citing Medical Advice

Britain’s 95-year-old monarch will not travel to Northern Ireland but is “in good spirits,” Buckingham Palace said.

‘Promises Made Just Have to Be Promises Kept’: Black Colleges Feel Stung by Democrats

A rift is forming over a plan to provide only $2 billion out of the $20 billion President Biden proposed to help level the playing field in his social spending package.

Where Are the Workers?

How can so many Americans afford not to work? And will it last?

What’s Next for Biden’s Climate Plan?

The centerpiece of the president’s environmental agenda has fallen apart because of the objections of a single senator.

Take a Walk in the Garden, Before It’s Too Late

Go out and look around. Your garden has things to tell you in the fall.

Trevor Noah Talks ‘Striketober’

“The Daily Show” host joked that jobs are “how Americans prove that they deserve health care.”

Amy Ryan on the Surprise Finale of ‘Only Murders in the Building’

Ryan shared the inspiration for her character’s back story and how she mastered the bassoon (sort of). Major spoilers from the season finale ahead.

Bringing Attention to the Maori Language, One Song at a Time

“Waiata/Anthems,” Lorde’s “Te Ao Marama” EP and a host of other projects are aimed at revitalizing the Indigenous language of New Zealand via music.

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