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How David Ellison Built Skydance Into Hollywood's Smart Bet

When the young Oracle heir entered the entertainment industry, no one expected much. Instead, he’s built the rarest of businesses — a thriving, all-audiences, independent studio.

In the Weeds of ‘In the Heights’

A conversation about bringing musicals to the big screen, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s artistic choices and the critical blowback to the film’s casting.

Five Action Movies to Stream Now

From flicks about vengeful gangsters to sagas of postapocalyptic survival, this month’s picks include films from around the globe.

With ‘In the Heights,’ Jimmy Smits Sings a Little but Gave It a Lot

He doesn’t have a musical theater background, so he worked hard to make one line — “Good morning, Usnavi” — ring out. Now that’s how he’s being greeted.

Now Sparks Can Confuse Fans on the Big Screen

The musical brothers Ron and Russell Mael are known for catchy songs and perplexing shifts. But they longed to be in films. This summer they’re part of two.

‘The Birthday Cake’ Review: Baked Hoods

This mob drama folds family secrets and fading power into a story of operatic vengeance.

‘Rita Moreno’ Documentary Review: An Icon’s Growing Pains

This paean to the trailblazing Puerto Rican actress is also a case study in the highs and lows of showbiz for a woman of color.

Eva Sereny, Who Photographed Film Stars at Work, Dies at 86

She captured De Niro, Streep, Eastwood and many others, often in unguarded moments. Working with directors like Fellini and Spielberg inspired her to make movies herself.

‘In the Heights,’ Where the Streets Explode With Dance

The movie’s choreographic team, led by Christopher Scott, gets raw and real with dancers — so many! — who give in to thrilling perpetual motion.

‘Fatherhood’ Review: He Lost His Wife. Go Easy on Him.

Kevin Hart plays a widower raising a daughter in this Father’s Day Netflix weepie, but the lack of conflict borders on bland.

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