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John L. Eastman, Lawyer and Force in Entertainment World, Dies at 83

As Paul McCartney’s longtime representative, he was central to a battle over control of the Beatles’ business empire in the last days of the band.

Upending Expectations for Indigenous Music, Noisily

After long being consigned to a legacy of stereotypes, Indigenous American artists are making some of the country’s most engaging experimental music.

Bad Bunny Beats YoungBoy Never Broke Again in a Tight Race for No. 1

Beyoncé’s “Renaissance” falls to No. 3 as the Puerto Rican superstar and the Louisiana rapper battle for the top spot on the Billboard album chart.

Solange Enters New Territory: Ballet Composer

The multihyphenate pop star will compose her first ballet score for the Fall Fashion Gala at New York City Ballet in September.

Reckoning With Memories of Budapest

A Times journalist spent three months capturing a contemporary portrait of Hungary’s capital, where he lived for several years as a child in the early ’90s.

At the Salzburg Festival, Riches, Retreads and Notes of Caution

Classical music’s pre-eminent annual event had more revivals than usual, but also a breathless new staging of Janacek’s “Kat’a Kabanova.”

R. Kelly Stands Trial in Chicago: What to Know

The musician faces charges of sex crimes and of working to obstruct an earlier investigation that resulted in his acquittal in a 2008 criminal trial.

An Orchestra Supports Ukraine, and Reunites a Couple Parted by War

“I don’t have a gun, but I have my cello,” a musician says as he joins the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra, which is made up of refugees who fled the war and artists who stayed behind.

How a Jazz Musician and Entrepreneur Spends His Sundays

Matthew Garrison codes, composes, performs and produces as he pushes the boundaries of music.

Pop’s Material Girls, Rich With Influence

Questions about borrowing, authorship and inspiration — from the underground to the mainstream and vice versa — connect new releases from Beyoncé, Madonna and Saucy Santana.

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