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Soul Told Black Musicians’ Stories. Its Archives Are Going Digital.

The newspaper, which started in 1966 with a focus on R&B, funk and disco, shut down in 1982. But one of its founders’ grandsons is devoted to finding it a new online audience.

In L.A., Gustavo Dudamel’s Influence Extends Beyond the Concert Hall

The news that Gustavo Dudamel is leaving the Los Angeles Philharmonic for New York was a blow to a city where he has been much more than a conductor.

Rihanna Returns at the Super Bowl Halftime Show: What’s at Stake?

On Sunday, one of pop’s most reliable hitmakers returns at the Super Bowl halftime show. During her hiatus from music her mystique — and the stakes for her return — have only grown.

SZA’s View From the Top

Her moody, enigmatic music made her a megastar. Can she learn to live with success?

Whitney Houston’s Enduring Legacy: Lifting Up Other Black Women

The singer was intimately familiar with how punishing the spotlight could be. Instead of only guiding others toward greater visibility, she worked to ensure they would survive it.

Grammys 2023: Hip-Hop Wins, Beyoncé Wins (Sort of)

Does respect from music’s premier awards show still carry weight?

Gustavo Dudamel’s 10 Notable Recordings

Dudamel, the New York Philharmonic’s next music director, has a varied catalog of classics and contemporary works, as well as film scores.

Will Gustavo Dudamel Be the New York Philharmonic’s Next Leonard Bernstein?

The superstar conductor’s hiring is the New York Philharmonic’s attempt to recapture the populist glamour it enjoyed under Leonard Bernstein in the 1960s.

New York Philharmonic Appoints Gustavo Dudamel as Music Director

Dudamel, a charismatic 42-year-old conductor, will take up the Philharmonic’s podium in 2026, in a major coup for the orchestra.

‘Mixtape Trilogy’ Review: Powerful Music, but a Less Powerful Film

A scholar, an architect and an Indigo Girls superfan talk about the musical artists that inspire them in Kathleen Ermitage’s documentary.

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