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Paul Pelosi Attack Suspect Tells TV Station He Has No Remorse

The man accused of assaulting the husband of former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi made a disturbing surprise phone call to the station on Friday, the same day footage of the attack was made public.

Netherlands and Japan Said to Join U.S. in Curbing China’s Access to Chip Tech

A new agreement is expected to expand the reach of U.S. technology restrictions on China issued last year.

Trump’s Evolution on Truth Social: More QAnon, More Extremes

The former president, now free to post again on Facebook and Twitter, has increasingly amplified far-right accounts on Truth Social. Experts on extremism worry that he will bring this approach to a far wider audience.

To Fix Its Problems in Ukraine, Russia Turns to the Architect of the War

President Vladimir V. Putin is on his third overall commander in Ukraine. But his military’s fundamental issues have not been addressed, Western officials say.

Trump Tries a New Campaign Tack: Small-Scale

At two events on Saturday, Donald J. Trump embraced more traditional campaigning as he struggles to maintain support for his third White House bid.

Court Releases Video of Paul Pelosi Hammer Attack, Adding Chilling Details

Police body camera footage, along with surveillance video, an interview with the suspect and audio from Mr. Pelosi’s 911 call, disproved but could not stop right-wing conspiracy theories about the attack.

Man Who Shot Pepper Spray at Officer on Jan. 6 Gets Nearly 7 Years in Prison

Officer Brian D. Sicknick died a day after the Capitol riot. Another man initially charged in the assault was sentenced to time served.

Tanks Alone Won’t Turn the Tide of the War in Ukraine

The United States will have to step up its training program to ensure the Ukrainian military can use all the Western-provided equipment effectively.

Mishandling of Classified Information Has Congress Asking Questions

Lawmakers are seeking answers on why the executive branch is not as careful about protecting classified information as they are required to be on Capitol Hill.

As Archives Leans on Ex-Presidents, Its Only Weapon Is ‘Please’

The National Archives does not have any independent ability to enforce its request that former presidents and vice presidents scour their files for classified documents.

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