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Sarah Palin v. New York Times Spotlights Push to Loosen Libel Law

The trial comes at a time when those who argue that news outlets should pay a steeper price for getting something wrong are more emboldened than they’ve been in decades.

Biden’s Pandemic Fight: Inside the Setbacks of the First Year

The administration has gotten much right, but its response has been hampered by confusing messaging, a lack of focus on testing, fear of political blowback and the coronavirus’s unpredictability.

Litter Boxes for Students Who Identify as Furries? Not So, Says School Official

A Michigan school superintendent debunked the rumor after a video from a December school board meeting resurfaced in which a speaker airs concerns about students who “identify as cats.”

Arizona Democrats Censure Sinema After Filibuster Vote

Kyrsten Sinema, a first-term Arizona senator, was rebuked by fellow Democrats in her state after her vote on the filibuster helped sink the party’s voting-rights legislation.

Britain Says Moscow Is Plotting to Install a Pro-Russian Leader in Ukraine

In a highly unusual public statement, backed by U.S. officials, London named the putative head of a potential puppet government but few other details.

Rapid Inflation Fuels Debate Over What’s to Blame: Pandemic or Policy

The White House is emphasizing that inflation is worldwide. Economists say that’s true — but stimulus-spurred consumer buying is also to blame.

Voices From the March for Life

Protesters at this year’s anti-abortion rally expressed excitement about a coming Supreme Court ruling that could overturn Roe v. Wade.

Arizona Sues to Stop Treasury From Recouping Relief Funds

Gov. Doug Ducey has been using federal pandemic aid to undermine school mask requirements, which Treasury said violated the law.

Biden Looks to Intel’s U.S. Investment to Buoy His China Agenda

The president said passage of a China competition bill was needed “for the sake of our economic competitiveness and our national security.”

What Mattered This Week

President Biden rebooted. Democrats feuded. And Republicans watched it all with glee.

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