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Live Covid-19 Tracker and Updates

President Trump acknowledged that an authorized vaccine for ‘every American’ may not be distributed until next year. Nearly 1,000 casino employees have tested positive in Las Vegas.

Sometimes Food Fights Back

When a species of microalgae gets inside a zooplankton that feeds on it, it smothers the grazer’s eggs and disrupts reproduction.

Exhume President Warren G. Harding? Family Feuds in Court

DNA evidence is persuasive that James Blaesing, 70, is the grandson of the 29th president and his mistress. But his cousins are upset by his plan to exhume Harding’s remains with a reality TV crew.

Cyclone Ianos, a Rare 'Medicane,' Batters Ionian Islands of Greece

Ianos, a rare hurricane-strength Mediterranean storm, slammed into Greece’s western islands, bringing lashing rain and gales.

Covid-19 News: Live Updates

Israel becomes one of the few countries to impose a second nationwide lockdown. In the U.S., Joe Biden tries to focus the campaign on President Trump’s virus performance.

The Wildfires: What I Saw When Australia Burned

At one point, the wildfires that country experienced seemed to fade from our memory. Not anymore. And what I witnessed there has shaped my thoughts on what’s raging here.

Many Hospitals Charge More Than Twice What Medicare Pays for the Same Care

The gap between rates set for private insurers and employers vs. those by the federal government stirs the debate over a government-run health plan.

John Najarian, Pioneering Transplant Surgeon, Dies at 92

He was known for taking on difficult cases, many involving children. An anti-rejection drug he developed led to a scandal, but he was vindicated.

When Will You Be Able to Get a Coronavirus Vaccine?

Despite the president’s repeated claims that a vaccine will be available in October, scientists, companies and federal officials all say that most people won’t get one until well into next year.

Moderna and Pfizer Reveal Secret Blueprints for Coronavirus Vaccine Trials

The companies hope to earn the trust of the public and of scientists who have clamored for details of the studies.

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