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Searching for Gold, Miners Discover a Frozen Baby Mammoth

Experts believe that the woolly mammoth, unearthed in the Klondike gold fields of the Yukon of Canada, had been preserved in the frozen ground for more than 30,000 years.

Webb Telescope Will Look for Signs of Life Way Out There

The first question astronomers want to answer about exoplanets: Do they have atmospheres friendly to life?

N.Y. Lifeguards Now Watch for Sharks, Facing Dramatic Increase in Sightings

Amid an increase in shark sightings, lifeguards are increasing patrols and adopting new strategies, but marine experts say “the danger to people is infinitesimal.”

The Giant African Land Snail Has Been Spotted Again in Florida

Wash your lettuce.

Biden Administration Offers an Offshore Drilling Plan. Likely Backers: Very Few.

The five-year plan for America’s coastal waters, required by law, risks angering both the fossil fuel industry and environmentalists.

Biden Administration Says New Drilling Possible in Gulf and Cook Inlet in Alaska

The administration issued its five-year offshore oil and gas drilling plan, which bars new lease sales in the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic Oceans

Swimmer at Long Island Beach May Have Been Bitten by Shark, Police Say

A laceration on a 57-year-old man’s right foot could have been the result of a shark bite — a rare occurrence in New York’s waters.

California Requires Plastics Makers to Foot the Bill for Recycling

The landmark legislation also restricts single-use plastics. Because California’s economy is so big, experts say, the law could have far-reaching effects.

With Climate Agenda Stalled at Home, Biden Still Hopes to Lead Abroad

The United States has demonstrated international leadership on climate change in the past, but recent setbacks are presenting new challenges for President Biden.

Will There Be Enough Monkeypox Vaccine?

A factory making Jynneos, the safest vaccine, has been closed since August, threatening global supplies as the virus spreads.

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