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How 3 Strangers a World Away Came to the Rescue of a Badly Burned Afghan Girl

The story of 8-year-old Asma, injured by a U.S. tear-gas canister, echoes the heartbreak and heroism of the 20-year American misadventure in Afghanistan.

After Iraqi Election, a Shiite Leader Emerges as an Unlikely U.S. Ally

The U.S. once threatened to kill Muqtada al-Sadr as his militia battled occupying forces. Now, the powerful cleric is helping Washington by keeping Iran at bay.

Yukon Territory Imposes Vaccine Mandate Amid Rise in Cases

Health care workers and others in the Yukon must be fully vaccinated by Nov. 30. The territory is also starting a vaccination passport program.

Mixing and Matching Covid Vaccines Is Examined by F.D.A.

The agency’s expert advisers discussed the data on the approach, which is limited.

Minnesota’s governor calls up the National Guard to ease crowding in hospitals.

Staffing shortages at long-term care facilities are preventing hospitals from discharging patients and admitting new ones.

Macron Commemorates 1961 Paris Police Massacre of Algerian Protesters

President Emmanuel Macron of France is the country’s first head of state to attend an event marking the deaths, which officials ignored for decades.

Beirut, a City Where Everyone Gets By, Revisits Sectarian Violence

Lebanon’s capital thrives on its religious diversity, but sectarian tensions and memories of civil war lurk just beneath the surface.

With Lawmaker’s Killing, the U.K. Confronts a New Episode of Terrorism

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and other leaders paid their respects to David Amess, who was fatally stabbed while meeting with constituents. The police have a suspect in custody and said the attack was linked to Islamist extremism.

In Venezuela, a Rum Maker Offers Gangsters a Life Outside of Crime

In the process, the family running the company, Ron Santa Teresa, has gone from bankruptcy to exporting an award-winning vintage rum.

What Are Political ‘Surgeries’ in Britain?

The person-to-person meetings with voters give Britons unusually good access to their political representatives. But questions are being asked about whether the tradition can continue.

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