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A ‘High Priestess of Satanic Art’? This Organist Can Only Laugh.

For more than a decade, Anna von Hausswolff has been bringing the sound of pipe organs to rock fans. But Roman Catholic extremists have tried to stop her playing shows in churches.

Suspect Charged in Taiwan's Deadly ‘Ghost Building’ Fire

Prosecutors say the suspect, seeking revenge on her partner after a quarrel, poured hot ashes on a sofa. The resulting fire killed 46 people.

Here's One Way Russia and Ukraine Could Go to War

How hostilities might start has been, by design, something of a guessing game. But a Russian proposal suggests one possibility.

Will Climate Action Happen Now?

More Democrats are focusing on it.

Live Updates: Blinken and Lavrov Meet as Tensions Mount Over Ukraine

After the top U.S. and Russian diplomats wrapped up talks in Geneva, Russia’s foreign minister described the talks as “a helpful, honest discussion.” They took place amid signs that Western allies lack a fully coordinated plan to punish Moscow if it launches an attack.

Zero-Covid Policy Shakes Hong Kong’s Economy and Its ‘Soul’

Businesses that held on through several outbreaks are now trembling as the highflying metropolitan hub struggles with supply chain issues and a relentless approach to the pandemic.

China Holds the Line on ‘Zero Covid,’ but Some Wonder for How Long

More people are being caught up in the country’s virus-control dragnet. Some think the no-tolerance policy is unsustainable.

Vegan Travel: It’s Not Fringe Anymore

From Mexico to Greece, plant-centric hotels, restaurants and tours are proliferating.

Your Friday Briefing

A harsher line from the West on Russia.

4 Dead in Brutal Cold at U.S. Border Are Believed to Be Human Smuggling Victims

The authorities believe a family of 4, including an infant, froze to death in Manitoba, Canada. A Florida man, arrested while driving a van nearby, was charged with human smuggling.

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