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The Forgotten Virus: Zika Families and Researchers Struggle for Support

Some babies born with devastating birth defects from the mosquito-borne illness are 7 now, but Covid turned the world’s attention away.

Your Tuesday Briefing

The detention of Ukrainians by Russia.

In Ukraine, Ravers Clean Up Rubble (to a Beat)

More than 100,000 buildings in Ukraine have been destroyed in the war. Volunteers are clearing away the rubble — and partying while they do it.

Kenya Elects New President, but Disputes Erupt

Kenya is often held up as a beacon of democracy in Africa, but as the latest election showed, it is not always pretty. Disputes started even before a winner was named.

Shelling near a Ukrainian nuclear plant has hit the fire station it uses for emergencies, officials say.

Russian Forces in Kherson Pose Big Challenge for Ukraine

Ukrainian forces badly want to retake the southern region of Kherson from Russian invaders, but Moscow retains a potentially overwhelming advantage.

The Stabbing of Salman Rushdie Renews Free Speech Debates

After the attack, writers and world leaders hailed Rushdie as a symbol of free expression. But the battle lines around his novel “The Satanic Verses” were never cleanly drawn.

Your Tuesday Briefing: Kenya’s Next President?

Plus reports of Russian torture of Ukrainian prisoners and a longer sentence for Aung San Suu Kyi.

Scotland Makes Period Products Free

The country is the first nation to offer tampons, sanitary pads and other menstrual products free of charge.

French Soldiers Quit Mali After 9 Years, Billions Spent and Many Lives Lost

The last unit of the French military mission, Operation Barkhane, crossed into neighboring Niger, after a major fallout with Malian authorities.

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