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Comic: D And Or D

New Comic: D And Or D

News Post: PA League Season 5!

Gabe: This week the Penny Arcade League begins Season 5 of our racing journey together. We’re up over 250 people now with races all during the week and an active Discord. It’s a great group that I interact with at least once a week for our Thursday night race. I will also sometimes pop in for the practice races when I need them... I usually need them....

News Post: As A Treat

Tycho: I had to shift some text into previous panels, but I was able - and pleased to be able - to grant the request. Alien has a complicated history as a soil for creative projects. This is probably the most diplomatic way I can put it. I've softened a little bit on 3. But if I said that the first two were almost perfect films, whose reliance on practical...

Comic: As A Treat

New Comic: As A Treat

News Post: Face Time

Tycho: Greb sent me a picture of his grandfather, a picture I've seen in his dining room incorporated into a mounted plaque of honor, complete with medals. The main difference is that this person was looking around, in something like wonderment or surprise, tempered by his martial tradition. It was from something called MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia, and...

Comic: Face Time

New Comic: Face Time

News Post: Whether Forecast

Tycho: The Vanity Fair article we are all slicing thin and plating up on our own sites is genuinely packed with bizarre truths. I'd sorta been content to say, hey, the director shift resulted in a different perspective on largely the same corpus. That's not what happened at all. There's some ratfucking in there, and then Joss Whedon's head rises, like...

Comic: Whether Forecast

New Comic: Whether Forecast

News Post: Anyway

Tycho: I'm not even saying this is hot shit.  I mean, I have access to the Reddit; I know what's up.  What I'm saying is that I don't make shit in games.  But I make things in this one. (Oh, and yeah.  There's some lumber resting in that crook up top, like a jaunty cap.  It's very high up.  I'll get it later.) (CW)TB

News Post: Fauna

Tycho: Okay. So. Since the last time we talked on Monday, where I was like, "I guess Valheim sold a million copies this week," they just announced that they sold another million copies. You know, sometimes you look at the roadmap for an Early Access game you've bought, and you wonder if you're gonna see any of that stuff. I think we might actually see...

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