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News Post: New racing season!

Gabe: Join us tonight for the first race of the new season! After a week off, the Penny Arcade iRacing league is back at it. The Pit Crew will open at 7:30 PT -Gabe Out

News Post: The Baffled King

Tycho: Among its other virtues, Leonard Cohen's famous song is a masterclass on how to rhyme things with hallelujah. You might not think you need to know that kind of stuff, but you never know. Could be a manticore type deal, spectral bride situation kinda thing. Knowledge is power. It also has the power to transform the trailer for the Snyder Cut into...

Comic: The Baffled King

New Comic: The Baffled King

News Post: Feature Rich

Tycho: I don't even get exposed to these powerful features, because as a rule I don't join open chats, and haven't since the first parties were introduced on 360. Arguably, we used GameVoice even longer ago to inoculate ourselves from that seeping realm. There was a very brief time at the outset of Xbox Live where people were sorta cool about shit....

Comic: Feature Rich

New Comic: Feature Rich

News Post: Highwaymen

Tycho: The "new console" I'm after is a 3080, but regardless of which one of these devices you want, you can't really buy it. The only way to get one of these things is to have one sent to you, or to hurl yourself upon the resale market to the tune of (last I checked) about eighteen hundred bucks. That appears to be something like a stable price for...

Comic: Highwaymen

New Comic: Highwaymen

News Post: Unready

Tycho: We talked about it a little bit when the movie for Ready Player One came out in the post and the strip. My policy on Nostalgia is the same as the laws sweeping the nation and perhaps the world - I think it should be legal for responsible, recreational use. If used in a work, optimally it's used in a way that interprets or transforms so that we...

Comic: Unready

New Comic: Unready

News Post: Kind Words

Tycho: Kind Words is not new by any means, I got it a super long time ago - I think even before it was on Steam, though I could be remembering that wrong? For some reason I remember - as one does - unzipping a file into a folder and clicking on something inside there. It is, functionally speaking, a kind of anonymous post office operated by a friendly...

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