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Comic: Scroffeur

New Comic: Scroffeur

News Post: Vitamin Z

Tycho: What kids in the house watch on their own time is fairly constrained, but what we watch when we're together might be a little broader than what's considered normal. For example, Derry Girls is probably the piece of media most prized by our clan, and it's replete with filthy language, blasphemy, and references to the sort of intimate congress...

Comic: Vitamin Z

New Comic: Vitamin Z

News Post: What If 2: What Iffer

Tycho: Warnett Humboldt wasn't a snake, but he got snakes. He was content to own the concept of a snake in his mind; he had no interest in having one in the house. That seemed a little too on the nose - or whatever a snake had. There, up front; two quick snake-holes that suggested a colon. Suggested a breath: literally and perhaps even figuratively....

Comic: What If 2: What Iffer

New Comic: What If 2: What Iffer

News Post: Potentiality

Tycho: Whatever you may think of me now - how I comport myself, what I "get up to" - I'm fried dough compared to my previous incarnation. He was not exactly done in the middle, and that is being diplomatic. I had to endure successive annihilations to shave down a variety of sticky-outy bits which made being around me complex and not in a Pinot Noir...

Comic: Potentiality

New Comic: Potentiality

News Post: Acquisitions Incorporated: The Silver Spheres

Tycho: Dabe sent me a ton of cool shots of the table he made the custom skin for.  They are presented below, with my director's commentary: I couldn't fucking believe it was real. Understand, we've been sitting on this thing like a patient hen.      "Yep, yep," (gently pats the side) "You can fit a whole lotta balls in this one."   Just wicked. ...

News Post: Disunity

Tycho: I haven't played it in a bit, since they added Blissey - a few weeks, then - but Pokemon Unite is still a very frequent occurrence over at Chez Gabe's House. He's gotten to the point where… well, I mean, it's all in the strip. The final Round of the Omegathon - in which 2019's runner-up Dexor claimed a win over CommanderZim, who will return next...

Comic: Disunity

New Comic: Disunity

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