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News Post: The Name Of The Wind

Tycho: Because "compatibility," broadly writ, is sort of an assumption for The Last Generation of Consoles the intensity with which one must seek out a platform's Exemplar is diluted somewhat. At least, for me. Gabriel craves a gadget, and so when he is denied one it is keenly felt. The PS4 Pro and the One X have more than enough beef to let me ride...

Comic: The Name Of The Wind

New Comic: The Name Of The Wind

News Post: Mobster Energy

Tycho: Monster Energy is a company that makes hummingbird food, and they are under the impression that this grants them primacy over a term whose etymological loam is Latin, causing them to spasmodically whip and gnash at completely reasonable uses of the word like Ubisoft's Gods and Monsters. Ubi did change the name, saying it was a creative decision,...

Comic: Mobster Energy

New Comic: Mobster Energy

News Post: Zone Defense

Tycho: Had a blast with the Make A Strip panel yesterday, an ancient PAX tradition manifest this strip and also in the nearly twelve thousand dollars raised for Child's Play Charity in exchange for the application of an exclusive, show specific fairy. At a suggestion from the ineluctable Gavin Greco, said fairy is modeled after the humble Webcam, a...

Comic: Zone Defense

New Comic: Zone Defense

News Post: Praxis Online

Tycho: Gabe and I don't really see each other at PAX shows if we aren't on stage together; that's not just how our thing works. Plus, we are both introverts who have somehow been drafted for Maximum Social Exposure, so a certain amount of the time there is spent in our climate controlled rooms waiting for our bars to fill back up. Until this strip,...

Comic: Praxis Online

New Comic: Praxis Online

News Post: Penny Arcade League Race!

Gabe: The Penny Arcade iRacing league rolls on. Tonight we're racing the Dallara F3 car at the Daytona International Speedway. I'm going to attempt to participate in the livery theme of "pets on parade" but this might just end up being a big photo of one of my cats stretched across the entire car. Last week was so close to being decent that I still...

News Post: Before You Re-Reckon Yourself

Tycho: I was watching some streams of it, the new Amalur, or… the Old Amalur, all the Amalur we really got. Honestly, I don't think Gabe is super off here. When you change the lens you look at it with, slot one in that says this is an earnest indie's love letter to an era, it's a lot more fun than it should be. And the feel isn't wrong either, because...

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