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If there were two topics dominating the headlines as F1 left Bahrain, it was track limits and rake - and we're not referring to the excellent Australian TV series starring, Richard Roxburgh.

"He was sensational," says Marko

Helmut Marko sings the praises of Sergio Perez, believing the Mexican is as fast as teammate, Max Verstappen.

Leclerc given 2019 Monza winning car

Ferrari has presented Charles Leclerc with the car in which he won the 2019 Italian Grand Prix.

Ricciardo hits out at F1's promotion of crashes to attract 'fans'

McLaren driver, Daniel Ricciardo has hit out at F1 claiming that its social media channels are using crashes to promote the sport.

Allison appointed Chief Technical Officer in Mercedes reshuffle

James Allison will begin a newly created role entitled Chief Technical Officer (CTO) following a reshuffle of Mercedes technical department.

Silverstone calls for 'vaccine passports'

Organisers at Silverstone, along with a number of sporting bodies, have called on the government to introduce 'vaccine passports' in order to allow more spectators to attend event in the coming months.

Marko: Everything must be right

Helmut Marko admits that nothing less than total perfection is required if Red Bull is to "succeed" in its battle with Mercedes.

Aston Martin officially confirms Hulkenberg as reserve and development driver

Aston Martin has officially confirmed that it has appointed Nico Hulkenberg its official reserve and development driver for the 2021 season.

Schumacher made Mercedes better

Long-serving members of the Mercedes team admit to "regret" and "heartbreak" that Michael Schumacher never won a race with the team, far less was given any credit for the team's subsequent success.

What to Eat Before Workout to Make the Most of It

Even though post-workout nutrition windows have long since been debunked, being mindful of what you eat around your training sessions is still vitally important if you want to make the most of your workouts.

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