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Bill de Blasio’s Long Walk to Peace with His City

BROOKLYN, N.Y.—The mayor likes to walk in the middle of the day, preferably around 2:30 p.m. This is the best time, when the sun has traveled across Prospect Park, just beginning its descent west, and when, on weekdays, the shaded trails are empty and still. When most New Yorkers, at home or at work, have someplace else to be. On Thursday, Bill de...

‘No one is gonna steal the election from me’: Echoes of 2020 in NYC mayor’s race

NEW YORK — Hundreds of thousands of New Yorkers head to the polls Tuesday to pick the next mayor of the nation’s biggest city. But the closing days of the election, and perhaps the weeks that follow, may as well be a referendum on the ballot itself. The city’s new ranked-choice voting system, which will allow voters to pick their top five candidates...

The pandemic changed how we vote. These states are making the changes permanent.

WASHINGTON — The Covid-19 pandemic is receding in America. But some of the changes it prompted in American elections are here to stay. A handful of states are locking in voting-rights expansions that they piloted in 2020, extending early voting and absentee balloting programs even as other states add restrictions to voting. Two states that switched...

Trump's GOP friends and foes unite — to shrug at Dem fury over secret subpoenas

Liz Cheney lost her seat in House GOP leadership over her repeated criticism of Donald Trump. When it comes to the former president's Justice Department subpoenaing Democratic lawmakers' personal data, though, she's holding off on harsh words. “It's really important for the Department of Justice to ensure that we aren't seeing leaks of classified information,”...

Progressives count their foreign policy wins with Omar flap in rear view

Ilhan Omar started out in Congress as a somewhat lonely critic of decades of U.S. policy in the Middle East. Now, six months into her second term, the Minnesota Democrat has new and diverse allies. The latest flareup of intra-party frustration with Omar’s progressive brand of foreign policy appears to have calmed — a notable turnaround for a lawmaker...

Boris Johnson's chief culture warrior

The ever-patriotic culture secretary has worked his way into the prime minister's inner circle.

'French democracy is sick.' Low election turnout sparks grave concern

Turnout in regional elections slumped as voters struggle to find a party to believe in.

European Union to launch rapid response cybersecurity team

Barrage of cyberattacks pushes EU to pool powers to fight hackers.

Whitehouse defends affiliation with elite Rhode Island club

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) on Monday defended his affiliation with an elite Rhode Island beach club, contending that the local news site that first asked him about the club's lack of non-white members "got the facts wrong." Whitehouse told reporters that Bailey's Beach Club in Newport, Rhode Island, had informed him it did have "diversity of...

Iran’s next president gives Biden a new nuclear headache

Iran has chosen a new president, which means Joe Biden faces a new dilemma. Ebrahim Raisi, the victor in Iran’s recent, tightly controlled election, is not just any hardline Iranian politician. He stands accused of an array of human rights abuses, including the mass killing of political dissidents, and former President Donald Trump imposed sanctions...

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