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Split — Create & manage feature flags to build better software

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Coderbyte — Level up your coding and interview skills

“ Coderbyte was one of the original coding challenge websites and has emerged into a dominant player for interview prep (500k developers) and coding assessments (1,500 employers) without any venture funding. ” – Nis Frome Discussion | Link — Explore events and rooms in Clubhouse

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MVGTicker — Get latest information about Munich's public transport

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Polygon Wars — Twin stick shooter on iOS

“ I've created this project over several months in my spare time. It has been live for a couple of months now, but am still looking for more feedback to incorporate in the product ” – Wesley Jacobs Discussion | Link

SourceMarker — Continuous feedback for developers

“ Hello Hunters, I'm happy to share a project I've been working on. The driving force behind this project is the contextualization of production software behavior. Given the rise of software observability technology, developers have more than enough data available to build and debug software more effectively. However, this data is of...

Impact Recipe 2.0 — Discover modern tools & resources for nonprofits

“ For the last few months I have been working on this project, super exciting to finally release it. Thanks :) ” – Grant Trahant Discussion | Link

CryptoTab — Browser with crypto mining features

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estibot — Evaluation your domain value

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Teleport Guy — Relaxing and fun indie puzzle game

“ This is my first Unity game. Available on Android / iOS. What's your suggestions? If you try it, give me your honest opinion so I can improve! 😄 ” – Modesto Molero Discussion | Link

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