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Product-Led Growth by TheVentureCity — Playbook for driving product growth

Discussion | Link — Discover latest newsletters

“ I saw that people are getting lost in their own inbox due to newsletter bombardment. Most people keep receiving about 30-50 newsletters everyday. So I have separated them. Second, companies keep collecting your data to offer more personalized contents. However, those data is stolen from companies. Then people keep receiving personalized...

Characters for iOS — Kaomoji library & keyboard for iOS

“ Embedding Product Hunt badge for iOS (Unofficial) & Buy Me a Coffee button for iOS 😀🎉 ” – François Boulais Discussion | Link

hello aurora — Northern Lights forecast application

“ Hello aurora is based on our own experience. We live in Iceland and one of the activities that we enjoy the most during the winter is to hunt the Northern Lights. To look for the forecast we have to browse multiple websites and applications to find the accurate forecast, such as the weather forecast, cloud coverage, weather alert, road condition...

Attendance Taker for Classroom — Automates remote attendance for Google Classroom

“ The COVID pandemic has led to the rapid acceleration of remote learning. Already, over 100 million teachers and students have turned to Google Classroom — an easy-to-use, free service that facilitates remote learning. As its usage grows, so has the need to reduce the complexity of attendance taking in Google Classroom for students, teachers...

Bytes by Quicko — Your weekly dose of investments, taxes, finance & more

Discussion | Link — The Ultimate Guide to First-Principles Thinking

Discussion | Link

Dr.Tail — Veterinary consultation platform based on medical records

“ "Ask simple questions or whether to visit the vet based on medical records. Records received by email are automatically saved in the app." "Veterinary care, now on your mobile" Ask questions to a veterinarian online to enable vet care at home. You can reduce unnecessary treatment by up to 76 percent. "Medical records, simply...

8Demand — The CRM for freelancers

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ScrapeHunt — Get a scraped database in 60 seconds

“ Scraping is an enigma. How do you get started? What can you use it for? Is it legal? We built ScrapeHunt as an answer to these questions and to give you a jump-start on scraping. ScrapeHunt gives you a pre-scraped database as a one-click download. For e.g: You can download a database of all android apps, companies, news articles etc....

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