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How Physical Retail Is Transforming in an Increasingly Digitized World

In part two of an op-ed Q&A, retail strategist Melissa Gonzalez provides answers to top questions about the evolution of the retail store as the industry continues to contend with changing consumer behaviors and new challenges during COVID-19. Keywords: digital, fluid, flexible!

[New report] Next-Gen Fashion Operations & Business Models

Among the many challenges brands and retailers are facing today, a lack of demand and fulfillment delays have added to an unprecedented amount of excess inventory. Meanwhile, an overwhelming shift to e-commerce has digitally based brands struggling to fulfill orders efficiently, while those without an online presence are finding themselves lagging behind....

The Impact of Diversity and Inclusion on Physical Store Strategy

In this opinion piece, author Ian Johnston explains why accessibility isn’t enough to enable true inclusion, exploring points retailers should consider to design stores that accommodate a community rather than highlight difference

[New report] The Modern Workplace Reimagined

As businesses and their employees rapidly adjust to an increasingly remote workplace, they must also consider what digital solutions and resources they need in place to support individual and collaborative workstreams, company culture and morale. The COVID-19 crisis has forced businesses in every industry to reengineer core systems and processes, which...

Why a Baby Wipes Brand Opened a Virtual Hub for New Parents

WaterWipes is lending a hand to new and expecting parents during lockdown by hosting virtual expert-staffed panels and providing community interaction

This Skincare Startup’s Hotline Answers Customers’ Texts On-Demand

DTC beauty brand Versed created a hotline staffed by its team to provide skincare guidance and tips live 5 days a week

DTC Coffee Brand Closes Shop—and Ships Direct to Home

During the coronavirus pandemic, Alfred's is shuttering its doors and creating a direct-to-door subscription service

Building a Future-Proof Brand In a Disruptive 2020

Drawn from PSFK's DTC Playbook 2020, these seven digital-first strategies will help build strong businesses now, in the near-term, and for the longer haul

[New report] Art Of The Drop

Streetwear brands have known for years that releasing limited-edition products through a time-restricted ‘drop’ is an excellent way to create a sense of urgency and excitement among fans. Now, this method of product launch has started to enter the mainstream, including the fashion world and beyond, and brands are increasingly favoring frequent drops...

Rethinking Market Traffic Flows in a Socially-Distanced World

To simplify the shopping experience, markets are implementing six-foot social-distance solutions to guide shoppers safely through the location

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