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[New report] The Connected Wellness Experience

A new generation of digitally connected devices, wearables, and software platforms are leveraging consumer data to create intelligent feedback loops and provide users with personalized treatments and recommendations for their physical and mental health, as well as promote positive behavior both in-the-moment and over the long-term. Currently there are...

Peloton Testing Ways To Provide Users Feedback In Real-Time

A new real-time workout coach called “The Tiger” from exercise equipment and media company Peloton is reportedly under development. 

ASICS Is Measuring The Effect Of Exercise On Mental Outlook

Through its Mind Uplifter app, fitness retailer ASICS provides runners and other athletes with an interactive overview of the various ways exercise affects their emotional and cognitive states.

Happify Health Launches Ensemble, An AI-Based Mental Health Coach

Global healthcare platform, Happify Health, creates the first digital treatment for depression and anxiety with its new prescription therapeutic solution, Ensemble. 

[New report] UX for New Modes of Working and Living

The recent rise of hybrid and remote work has catalyzed the adoption of professional collaboration tools and interfaces, as companies and organizations liaise internally and externally across datasets, personal schedules, dispersed team needs, and project deliverables; all with the aim of providing a universal experience for knowledge workers regardless...

Apple Introduces Powerful Suite of Image-Based Tools For iOS 15

Technology company Apple launches impressive Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities as part of its iOS 15 software update. 

Nintendo’s Code-Free Platform Lets Players Design Their Own Video Games

Game Builder Garage, a new Nintendo game for the company’s Switch consoles, teaches players the basics of video game design by letting them create their own interactive games using Nintendo’s code-free, gamified visual programming language.

Slack Launches Expanded Future-Of-Work Capabilities Across Voice And Video

Business communication platform Slack, which has been owned by Salesforce since 2021, is taking steps to become more than just a text-based program. 

[New report] NYC Retail Innovation Store Guide

Whether through new in-store services, expert consultations, or immersive merchandising, retailers in New York are giving consumers new reasons to shop in-person. From Madison Avenue to Times Square and from Bleeker Street to Prince Street, the diversity of approaches that manifest across the city make it the most important hub in the world for anyone...

Allure Store Turns The Page On Experiential Retail

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, women’s magazine and global beauty authority Allure is opening an innovative tech-and-editorial-led, experiential brick-and-mortar store on Manhattan’s Lafayette Street. 

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