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Bringing Retail to Life Virtually in Shoppers’ Homes

From homegrown marketing to voice commerce & queries, these are the strategies innovative brands are leveraging to create immersive and entertaining virtual retail experiences at home (& beyond!)

Outdoor Outfitter’s Voice-Powered Experience Takes Customers on Adventure Trails

Hiking footwear and outdoor gear brand Merrell has created a voice-powered feature that uses Alexa and Google Assistant to help adventurers locate and learn about nearby trails

This Lingerie Startup Invites Fans to Become Influencers with a ‘Creators’ Platform

Inclusive intimate apparel startup Adore Me has developed a platform where fans can join the brand's community of influencers and create authentic content in exchange for free merch and exposure

AR Company Vertebrae Helps Online Retail Lift Conversions with Virtual Try-Ons

The 3D and augmented reality commerce company helps brands and retailers provide next-level virtual shopping with its web-based try-on tools

Outer Turns Owners into Brand Reps with Neighborhood Showrooms

Outdoor furniture brand Outer invites its customers to host Neighborhood Showrooms where prospective buyers can view products in their neighbors' backyards

Levi’s ‘SecondHand’ Resale Program Fosters Lasting Customers Relationships

Denim company Levi's has created its first buyback and circular retail platform, SecondHand, in which customers can return their worn wares for resale in exchange for Levi's gift certificates

Lincoln Supports Drivers’ Daily Wellbeing with Meditation App Collab

The luxury auto brand becomes a fixture of owners' everyday wellness practice by offering a complimentary one-year subscription to the meditation and mindfulness app Calm

[New report] Engaging The In-Home Shopper

Consumers continue to prioritize convenience, simplicity, and speed in their retail exploration, and are turning to digital means and virtual tools as sources of ease and excitement. What were once exclusively in-store activities--browsing shopping racks, visiting showrooms, and last minute visits to longtime local staples--are now largely offered online,...

Creating Customer Relationships That Last

Strategies for delivering value long after the purchase itself and creating ongoing revenue streams

[New report] Long-Term Value Creation

In today’s market, consumers seek more from the products they buy and the brands they support. Definitions of value extend beyond price to include access to a broader ecosystem of services and experiences that support product ownership and offer customers more ways to get involved. This represents a huge opportunity for companies to attract new audiences...

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