Examining the intersection of psychology and video games
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Podcast 91 – Avatars

What do research and theory say about how our avatars in video games and virtual reality may shape our behaviors –and how they don’t? Are you one of my suave and sophisticated Patreon supporters? If so, you get an ad-free version of this and all other podcasts. Check your secret Patreon feed! Audio Credits: “Robot Motivation”...

Wed Feb 7, 2024 21:21
Podcast 90 – ADHD and Gaming

In this episode I talk with an expert on diagnosing and treating ADHD in children. We’ll talk about the challenges video games present to people with ADHD and some strategies for dealing with problems it may present. Are you one of my suave and sophisticated Patreon supporters? If so, you get an ad-free version of this and all other podcasts....

Thu Jan 4, 2024 19:14
Podcast 89 – In-Game Purchases and Virtual Currency

In-game purchases are a staple of modern game design, especially in the free-to-play and live service categories. Which isn’t necessarily bad as a business model, but there are some psychological effects that these games either intentionally or accidentally employ that may make us spend more than we intend to. Are you one of my suave and sophisticated...

Mon Dec 4, 2023 18:26
Podcast 88 – Dungeons & Dragons & Skills

Sometimes we have to sell people on the merits of games like Dungeons & Dragons. People like parents, principals, teachers, or even our own significant others Usually this comes in the form of telling them all the great benefits playing brings –learning math, reading, communication, teamwork, social skills, and more. D&D is also often specifically...

Tue Nov 7, 2023 05:08
Podcast 87 – How Do We Get Immersed in Game Worlds?

Is technology or game design more important for determining whether we feel immersed and present in the world of a video game? What kinds of things will make us forget about the screen between us and that world, the controller in our hands, and the other things around us so that we start to feel like we’re actually inhabiting the virtual world of the...

Sun Oct 1, 2023 17:18
Podcast 86 – The Psychology of Role-Playing

Sometimes games encourage us to role-play as another person, pretending to take on their persona, their point of view, thoughts, their motivations, and their state of mind. In tabletop role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons, this role-playing is the central point of the game, or nearly so. At some point and with some degree of drama, we will...

Fri Sep 1, 2023 19:13

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