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Does Feeling Happy Cause You to Feel Healthy, Too?

There is a lot of evidence that happiness and health are linked. The problem is that it is hard to know whether being happy causes better health.

6 Types of Life Advice That Annoy Women

Are you infuriated by any of these common tips?

Philosophies of Work: Ideas From the Platonic Tradition

What does Plato have to teach us today concerning work?

When the Bubble Bursts: A New Approach to Depression

Depression can be seen in many different ways. A new approach provides optimism that people can escape the trap of depression.

How to Find Strength in Stillness

Stillness isn’t an end destination; it merely enhances the journey to wherever you are going. Here are some ways to find stillness every day.

Sleep and Sex: Mutually Exclusive?

Couples with good problem-solving skills are able to overcome the challenges otherwise associated with being out of sync in their sleeping.

A Nobel Prize Prediction from the 13th Century

How a thirteenth-century philosopher predicted the 2021 Nobel Prize in chemistry.

How Can Relationships Survive Big-Time Sacrifices?

When one romantic partner needs a sacrifice from the other, the relationship is put to the test. New research shows how a secure attachment style can help pave the path to survival.

Collecting: Beyond Freud and Muensterberger

Are you a collector who feels that others attribute negative connotations to collecting in spite of the fact that you know it enriches you? This is why.

How to Take the "Meh" Out of Your Marriage

Want to take the "meh" out of your marriage? It may be easier than you think.

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