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Bitcoin is not an investment. It’s a savings account.

I see a lot of info on here that try’s to explain what makes btc so valuable. Here’s my take. Btc is valuable because I don’t have to keep my money in a dropping dollar, I don’t have to worry about the govt touching it or being involved at all, I can send sums of money without my item of purchase being recorded. I understand the tech behind it is what...

Will 20k trigger mainstream media which will trigger 25k?

Do you guys think that, when BTC will hit 20k, mainstream media will start talking about it and wake up all the FOMOers resulting into a massive spike in price, maybe 25k or more? This is, at least, what I think. If news of BTC go mainstream like in 2017, we should see a big number in the coming weeks. Thoughts? submitted by /u/Wald_JD [link]...

Small Family Perfume Business now accepting Bitcoin Via BTCPay Server

Hello everyone, I talked with the moderator and they approved me posting here! We are a family business running over 25 years, located in Serbia. We mainly sell perfumes that are made in Serbia and they are inspired by popular scents. So far we have 3 retail stores in our city and a few franchises in other cities. They are branded as "Chez Pierre" which...

Trying to "cash out at the top" (e.g., at 100k or 200k) is stupid.

It's stupid because one day, there will be no "top" measured in fiat. I'm not saying it will happen in this cycle. It could, and one day it definitely will. Mark my words. Imagine the price going beyond 1m in 5-10 years. Why do you think it will necessarily "collapse back to" 200k? It could well run up to infinity because fiat won't even exist anymore....

Can someone explain what dynamic fees are in Electrum and how is this good for users? I tried to send $.007 btc last week to a friend and the lowest fees I could model were 125%.

Disclosure I'm a buy and HODL guy, in fact I had to update to the new version of Electrum I was still on 3.2. But with the high price i wanted to send $130ish to friend and I was getting a dynamic fees error so I had to upgrade. I got a high free warning message as the default fees were 3000% (hard pass ha) then I changed the fee type to static and...

Argentina to Hit the Rich With Wealth Tax as Covid-19 Costs Rise.....

submitted by /u/krudler420 [link] [comments]

Do you believe MicroStrategy and these whales will dump on us?

Some of this bullish sentiment seems a little to good to be true. Maybe it's because I can't imagine myself to be a millionaire and I'm in denial, but something I've learned from investing is that everyone in finance is driven by greed and will fuck over anyone if it means profits. Do you think we'll see heavy manipulation in the 2021? Are these big...

KYC and Bitcoin

Hi all, I'm a student doing my dissertation on the implications of KYC on bitcoin's value. I was hoping people might help or guide me to any sites which provide dates of announcements when exchanges have decided to implement KYC. Any help would be really appreciated. Stay safe submitted by /u/BigBoyoWonga [link] [comments]

Microstrategy Buys Another $50M Worth of Bitcoin

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You know you have a problem when you read the ‘Sat’ (as in Saturday) on the Calendar app on your phone and interpret it as ‘Satoshi’...

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