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Bitcoin Stimulus Check bump by the numbers

I did a bit of research just to see what has happened the previous 2 times. It's very good news. Stimulus check 1 beginning of disbursements: April 24, 2020 Price of BTC $7498 Peak May 8 $9917 14 days, growth of 32% ​ Stimulus check 2 beginning of disbursements: December 30, 2020 Price of BTC $28,768 Peak Jan 9 $40,519 10 days, growth of 41% ​ Stimulus...

History of Bitcoin logo

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What if we don't have a normal bitcoin cycle?

What if this is a supercycle...similar to Gold going from around $200 to $2000 from 2001 to 2011 when it really blew up on wall street and in the public? It seems like the majority think we're going to get a blowoff top and typical 85% correction later this year or next but the market almost never does what the majority think it will do. submitted...

$100k profit taking

There has been a lot of speculation that when BTC reaches $100k there will be such a massive profit taking that it will send the price crashing down to ~$50k again. Do you think this will happen? If so do you have a strategy to take profit also or will you just ride it out? submitted by /u/ArthurSparks [link] [comments]

In the end, I decided against NFTing my painting. Link for highest res (4420x3673px) in first comment, for you all to use as you see fit. Thanks again for the incredible support

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No crypto ban in India: Finance Minister predicts “very calibrated” stance

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I cant talk about Bitcoin with the family.

as you can read above, something really gets on my nerves. I'm someone who didn't learn about finance before Bitcoin. I wasted a lot of money and never really thought about how to manage money properly. ​ A while back I tried to talk to a family member about Bitcoins and why I think it's a good thing. I got super stupid answers and this person had no...

I'm all in...

I've placed faith that humanity will walk the new path of monetary energy. This weekend I made the last of my Bitcoin investments (for a while at least). I've been buying the dips and hodling since 2017 and feel the same conviction buying at 49k as I did at 6k. 90% of my life savings is now Bitcoin, and so far has proven wise. Looking forward to seeing...

This Ryan Reynolds commercial - Bitcoin DocuMintary (Hilarious!)

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Chinese tech company Meitu has announced a massive purchase of 380 BTC

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