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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, *the currency of the Internet*. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in

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Paraguay announces a bill that would make Bitcoin legal tender and also to encourage mining (with renewable energy sources).

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The future is looking bright for BITCOINđź‘Ť

Chinas deconstruction of BTC mining, is IMO hugely bullish for the future of BTC. Why? Accusations of centralising mining, 65% of hash rate produced in China, are removed, and also FUD associated with the possibility of BTC been at risk from state attacks are removed as hash rate production will be distributed through several geographic locationsđź‘Ť ...

Mideast Joins Bitcoin Craze With First Dubai Crypto Listing

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Bizarro economics - when you accidentally further GDP - what the hell did I just watch?!

I wanted to know a bit more about inflation and interest rates and how they correlate, and stumbled across this video called "The Delicate Dance of Inflation and GDP" (a little bit further down on the page). Thought I'd share with you guys. I guess being into Crypto...

Interview with President Nayib Bukele. Why El Salvador Made Bitcoin Legal Tender.

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Bosnia Adopts Bitcoin as Legal Tender

Local newspaper just reported a breaking story: Bosnia has become the second country to adopt bitcoin as legal tender. Lawmakers voted in favor of the Bitcoin Legal Tender Law, receiving 51 out of 75 of the legislature’s vote. Developing story, stay tuned... submitted by /u/WatchYourCharts [link] [comments]

Proof of Work vs Proof of Stake

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Tom Lee says bitcoin is going to $125K by the end of the year. What do you think?

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In total $1B was liquidated for the last 24 hrs!

The largest single liquidation order was $5.4 M $BTC Amount of liquidation by exchanges! Bybit>Huobi>OKEx>Binance>FTX>Bitmex submitted by /u/Dogemomo [link] [comments]

Just paid for my tab where I was staying with Bitcoin

I'm currently traveling in Colombia from the U.S. and my bank blocked my cards for the entire trip. I could not pay my week-long tab for food and drinks when I was checking out. Then.....the owner walks up and said I could pay in Bitcoin! The transaction took seconds to hit his wallet. Bitcoin is the future as banks are failing us. Controlling our...

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