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A community dedicated to Bitcoin, *the currency of the Internet*. Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in

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NightShade Theme song #nightshade

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Bitcoin core question

Hey everyone! I have been running Bitcoin core for quite a while and I got to thinking if there was any sort of user interface Github repository I might be able to use to see the "state of the network" to put it in simplest terms. I like the Network Traffic window because its fun to know when a block is received and sent, etc. But I was wondering if...

Designed aa Intended

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Mining Bitcoin?

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Bitcoinism as a philosophy

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Bitcoin for PayPal

I overhead a friend speaking about bitcoin, he stated that what bitcoin needs is an app like PayPal, but for BTC. The ability to spend money quickly and easy, with full privacy. I think an issue with BTC is an average person who doesn't know anything about crypto, finds it quite daunting, with a simple and easy website. submitted by /u/mrmanic123...

6 reasons why the success of Bitcoin is inevitable

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Bitcoin transaction stuck on "Pending" since late 2022

I sent a transaction from Zap wallet for a non-trivial amount of BTC in late 2022 that has been stuck on "Pending" with 0 confirmations ever since. I figured maybe the fee was too low, although the mempool has cleared many times since and the fee isn't 1sat/b so I suspect something else may be going on. Any advice on recovering these stuck sats? There...

Keystone Pro vs Bitbox02 vs Trezor

I am greatly interested in moving away from Ledger devices, in regards to better safety features, and the ability to dice roll a seed. Which one would be better as a long term crypto saving solution? submitted by /u/ISmellLikeBlackTea [link] [comments]

Tracking Alts vs Bitcoin

What would be the best way to track buys and sells vs Bitcoin? So I want to see how my individual picks perform using Bitcoin as the benchmark like hedge funds compare to the S&P500 for example. submitted by /u/applesauceblues [link] [comments]

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