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Floating Office Desk Brackets

Located in California. I found someone selling 68.5" x 30" x 1.375" desk tops. I would like to use the desk tops to create a floating desk with these brackets, one per stud along the length of the desktop. The desk will support...

Looking to build lockers in garage

I have 3 Sons who are into baseball and football and I’m looking to build lockers in the garage to hold their bags, helmets, cleats, etc. does anyone have any plans before I recreate the wheel? submitted by /u/ChooLose2 [link] [comments]

Safe to remove this tree root?

Tree is a 60 year old Silver Maple. Trunk is 12 feet in circumference, or 3.82 feet in diameter at around 4 feet up from the ground. The root I'm asking about is 26 feet away from the trunk. Root is about forearm thickness. Root is about 6 inches below ground. Located in MN if that matters. We're putting in a raised concrete block (much cheaper than...

How deep to drill into 1 1/2 thick wooden counter top?

I'm creating a semi DYI desk. It's 1 1/2 thick and I was wondering how deep is an effective hole to screw in table legs. Thank you submitted by /u/staarnova69 [link] [comments]

water filter too big on faucet got this and its just barely too big (both options). any idears? submitted by /u/tosrelen [link] [comments]

Would it be safe to install tv mount to one stud (with a couple toggle anchors on the corners)?

My wall has 24” spacing between studs and a stud right where I wanted the center of the TV. I was wondering if it would be safe to install the tv mount using two bolts into the center stud. Then I could add some toggle anchors to the corners of the mount. The mount is designed for four bolts in the corners; but the way the mount is constructed would...

How bad would it be to place pavers directly onto sand base with just dirt under that?

The previous home owners put in a gazebo in the back yard. The entire gazebo is bordered with wood planks keeping everything in place. The four pillars are cemented down. They had gym mats covering the floor. Our puppy ripped some up so we ripped them all up. It has been just sand (not play sand) inside the gazebo as the floor for over a year. We were...

Spray primer for kitchen cabinets?

We’re painting our kitchen cabinets. Of course I’m sanding all of the sheen off of and I’ve been priming before I paint. We have a long ways to go and our cabinets are full of grooves and contours. So naturally I’m trying to cut time without cutting corners. Is there a can of spray primer that I could use for those hard to reach areas? submitted...

Gluing glass together for exterior (yard art). Should I use epoxy? Or silicone? Or something else?

I have a very nice/expensive piece of glass art that I need to adhere or fasten to another piece of glass to make a bird bath for my garden. What should I use? My winters get below freezing at night and my summers get above 100°f in the day. Will that make a difference? Should I just bring it indoors in winter? Thanks! submitted by /u/MannyDantyla...

Dog roof

Anyone have a link to a diy dog roof? Preferably big enough to fit a large doghouse. submitted by /u/HenL85 [link] [comments]

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