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I love slatted furniture and so I made a slatted bench for our home from pinewood

submitted by /u/mellowpine [link] [comments]

I made a router jig to cut a large ellipse, an arc or a circle!

submitted by /u/kiran_woodwork [link] [comments]

I made a simple steam box for bending/shaping lumber.

submitted by /u/honestworkdesigns [link] [comments]

What type of adhesive and grout I should use to install mosaic tiles?

This is the item I have travertine river blend mosaic tiles ..have following questions. ​ Installation guide on homedepot suggest that I should use unsanded grout but experts say if you use unsanded on such wide gaps will crack and wont be good... Also confused about what type of adhesive I should use to put them on? submitted by /u/curiosityv...

It's been a long time coming but I am so excited to have finished my laundry/pantry combo. Aside from a new fan and a few pieces of trim it's done!!

submitted by /u/rgratz93 [link] [comments]

Removing heavy duty paint from exterior windows.

What’s the best way to remove the heavy, textured paint on the exterior of these skylights - I’ve got a scraper blade but this barely makes a scratch in it so am thinking maybe I need a solvent too? Which one? Have searched high and low online but not been able to find a solid answer, or anything talking about removing the specific...

Concrete + Maple Bookshelves

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The hardwood floors in my home were hidden under hideous carpet and what appears to be black tar for 30+ years. I was determined to bring them back to life despite knowing absolutely nothing about home improvement. The results aren't perfect but I'm damn proud of myself.

Pics here: First off, I underestimated how difficult it would be to rip up the old carpet. My buddy and I spent the better part of a weekend tediously removing tack strips and hundreds of staples. From there, I rented a floor sander and used 5 levels of grit. The coarsest grit took several passes to get all the tar off the...

Wall Mounting for the first time anxiety

Recently purchased a house and looking to wall mount my TV (65" ~50-60 lbs) for the first time. I got gifted a basic wall mount that extends forward/back. My situations a bit different since the previous owner was a media nut, he had a custom media cabinet completely made of wood so there's no real studs to look for. I'm a bit worried since he had...

How does this vanity mirror "mount" work?

I recently ordered this vanity for our bathroom that came with a mirror from Home Depot. The contractor installed our vanity fine, but no one that I have asked could figure out how to install the mirror on the wall with this what I think is a bracket? on the back of it. I've tried googling for it and have found nothing. The mirror only comes with the...

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