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Weight training shown to reduce anxiety in randomized controlled trial of young adults.

submitted by /u/thebelsnickle1991 [link] [comments]

Study of 10,939 Greek-speaking participants finds that gay men, but not women, have longer periods of singlehood than men of other sexual orientations do.

submitted by /u/LoreleiOpine [link] [comments]

‘Feel Good’ Brain Messenger Can Be Willfully Controlled, New Study Reveals. Neuroscientists show that mice can learn to manipulate random dopamine impulses for reward.

submitted by /u/TX908 [link] [comments]

Watching a live theatre production can increase empathy for the groups depicted in the plays and may even result in real changes in charitable behaviour. The findings shed light on how the consumption of fictional narratives can alter people’s socio-political beliefs and behaviour towards others.

submitted by /u/thebelsnickle1991 [link] [comments]

States cutting unemployment benefits didn't get people back to work, study finds

submitted by /u/TheCamel95 [link] [comments]

A new study has found that the effects of climate change combined with overfishing pose an increasing threat to food security, particularly in poorer countries

submitted by /u/WalkThePlank123 [link] [comments]

Superconductivity in a graphene system survives a strong magnetic field. Magic-angle twisted trilayer graphene exhibits superconductivity. A Nature paper reports that this superconductivity persists under a strong magnetic field, which could lead to advances in quantum computation.

submitted by /u/MistWeaver80 [link] [comments]

DMT, active component in ayahuasca, aids in the growth of new neurons

submitted by /u/TheCamel95 [link] [comments]

Historical language records reveal a surge of cognitive distortions in recent decades

submitted by /u/LoreleiOpine [link] [comments]

Visualizing a city's energy use

submitted by /u/Birkanismyname [link] [comments]

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