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Cocoa powder and dark chocolate may favorably affect cardiovascular disease risk status by modestly reducing LDL oxidation susceptibility, increasing serum total antioxidant capacity and HDL-cholesterol concentrations, and not adversely affecting prostaglandins.

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Interesting study on existing immunity: “Selective and cross-reactive SARS-CoV-2 T cell epitopes in unexposed humans”

submitted by /u/mcvickem [link] [comments]

Bisphenols exert detrimental effects on neuronal signaling in mature vertebrate brains

submitted by /u/nunquamsecutus [link] [comments]

New study shows that Yale's massively popular "science of well-being" online course actually does boost well-being, significantly more so than a control "Intro to Psychology" course

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Telescopes Unite in Unprecedented Observations of Famous Black Hole

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Analysis of genetic material from caves suggests an early wave of Neandertals about 135,000 years ago may have been replaced by genetically & potentially anatomically distinct successors 30,000 years later. The timing of the later wave suggests links to climate & environmental shifts.

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Researchers say they know how many T-rex roamed the planet

submitted by /u/futile_irrelevant [link] [comments]

Study suggests those who had COVID-19 may only need one vaccine dose

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Adding cocoa powder to the diet of obese mice resulted in a 21% lower rate of weight gain & less inflammation than the high-fat-fed control mice. Cocoa-fed mice had 28% less fat in their livers; 56% lower levels of oxidative stress; & 75% lower levels of DNA damage in the liver compared to controls

submitted by /u/shopgirlll [link] [comments]

Sunlight to solve the world’s clean water crisis: Researchers refined technique to derive freshwater from seawater, brackish, or contaminated water, through highly efficient solar evaporation, to deliver enough daily fresh drinking water for a family of four from just 1 square metre of source water.

submitted by /u/mvea [link] [comments]

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