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The Role of Cognitive Dissonance in the Pandemic

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A novel lab-on-a-chip device automatically reveals the blood type within minutes, holding much potential for use in an emergency.

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Here's What Doctors Say About In-Person School Reopening Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

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Lonelier medical students were less likely to label emotion expressions as happy and more likely to label other emotional expressions as pained and angry. (Sample size = 122).

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Timetables that don’t match our biological clock are tied to bad grades

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Severely damaged human lungs can now be successfully recovered. Researchers now demonstrated that severely injured donor lungs that have been declined for transplant can be recovered outside the body by a system that uses cross-circulation of whole blood between the donor lung and an animal host.

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Apathy not depression helps to predict dementia. Findings were consistent despite variation in the severity of participants' symptoms. The relationship between apathy and dementia remained after controlling for other well-established risk factors for dementia including age, education, and cognition

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The powerhouses inside cells have been gene-edited for the first time

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Chemical offers new hope of finding treatments for neglected tropical diseases. Scientists say they are a step closer to developing a drug to kill the trypanosome parasite that causes human African trypanosomiasis.

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Damaged human lungs revived for transplant by connecting them to a pig

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