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Measuring broken hearts: divorce has negative effects on physical and mental health. Among men, earning more and being younger predicted better physical health, while having more children, having a new partner and even having more previous divorces was associated with better mental health

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Study links regular use of Fox News, Twitter, and Facebook to reduced knowledge about COVID-19 - it provides evidence that Americans’ media consumption habits and trust in government predicts their level of knowledge about COVID-19.

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Rusted iron pipes can react with residual disinfectants in drinking water distribution systems to produce carcinogenic hexavalent chromium in drinking water. As the world’s water crisis intensifies, recycled and desalinated water, both tend to contain higher bromide levels will become important

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Operation Warp Speed's top scientist predicts more than 100 million Americans could be immunized with coronavirus vaccines within the next 100 days

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Scientists replaced 40 percent of cement with rice husk cinder, limestone crushing waste, and silica sand, giving concrete a rubber-like quality, six to nine times more crack-resistant than regular concrete. It self-seals, replaces cement with plentiful waste products, and should be cheaper to use.

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Serum Ferritin Predicts Neither Organ Dysfunction Nor Mortality in Pediatric Sepsis Due to Tropical Infections

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Synanthropic spiders, including the global invasive noble false widow Steatoda nobilis , are reservoirs for medically important and antibiotic resistant bacteria.

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Turmeric More Effective Than Placebo in Treatment of Knee Osteoarthritis

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These two galaxies were spotted mid-collision

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Face masks considerably reduce COVID-19 cases in Germany - 20 days after becoming mandatory face masks have reduced the number of new infections by around 45%. Economic costs are close to zero compared to other public health measures.

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