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Study shows that we think internet searches are a sign we know more than we do

submitted by /u/davidwholt [link] [comments]

Fingerprinting proteins with force: DNA Nanoswitch Calipers allow scientists to measure distances within single molecules

submitted by /u/JigglymoobsMWO [link] [comments]

Lightweight, strong, moldable wood via cell wall engineering as a sustainable structural material

submitted by /u/cyferbandit [link] [comments]

Spanking children may have a beneficial effect on externalizing behavior if spanking is done without objects and rarely (i.e. once a month or less), according to results from two longitudinal studies (n = 585).

submitted by /u/Psychnews [link] [comments]

Hardened wood as a renewable alternative to steel and plastic

submitted by /u/vcezve3 [link] [comments]

Covid-19 Vaccination during Pregnancy and First-Trimester Miscarriage

submitted by /u/burtzev [link] [comments]

The fastest-spinning white dwarf ever seen rotates once every 25 seconds

submitted by /u/joosth3 [link] [comments]

Every one of us has a brain “fingerprint”: due to the signs of brain activity that make up our brain fingerprint, which – like our regular fingerprint – is unique

submitted by /u/giuliomagnifico [link] [comments]

Bitcoin Uses More Electricity Than Many Countries.

submitted by /u/joosth3 [link] [comments]

In pursuit of batteries that deliver more power and operate more safely, researchers are working to replace the liquids commonly used in today’s lithium ion batteries with solid materials. They have now developed a material for use in solid-state batteries derived from an unlikely source: trees.

submitted by /u/thebelsnickle1991 [link] [comments]

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