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Children in kindergartens that emphasized play, improving self-regulation, working together and helping one another, and hands-on learning performed better academically, showed less bullying and more kindness than students in more traditional classes, and teacher enthusiasm for teaching soared.

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Wealthy individuals are perceived to be much more competent than poor or neutral-wealth individuals, across both Indian and American participants (N=7,000). These judgments were based on the underlying assumption that the wealthy individual earned his wealth.

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Peccaries mob jaguars to protect their herd from predation. First time peccary anti-predator mobbing behavior was caught on camera

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Wilderness the size of Mexico lost worldwide in just 13 years, study finds

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Horror fans showed more psychological resilience during the pandemic

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Hostile sexism and racism became stronger predictors of the House vote in the 2018 cycle than they had been in 2016. This is primarily because less sexist and less racist voters switched to the Democratic Party.

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You really can die of a broken heart – here’s the science

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Biologic therapy for psoriasis was associated with an 8% reduction in coronary plaque (n=124). Those in the control group (n=85) experienced slightly increased coronary plaque progression

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Antibiotics during childhood and development of appendicitis—a nationwide cohort study (Sep 2020, n=1,385,707) "Children who receive antibiotics are at increased and dose‐dependent risk of appendicitis"

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Scientists have demonstrated for the first time that it is possible to generate a measurable amount of electricity in a diode directly from the coldness of the universe. The infrared semiconductor faces the sky and uses the temperature difference between Earth and space to produce the electricity

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