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South Dakota's Kristi Noem looks to Texas with copycat abortion ban

Kristi Noem is calling for Roe v. Wade to be struck down. In the meantime, she's not waiting around

Survival tips from TV we didn't know we needed

From both "Yellowjackets" and "Station Eleven" we've gleaned very important lessons we've never considered before

"Every Day in Kaimuki" filmmakers on questioning contentment: "Are you happy or is this just easy?"

Director Alika Tengan and co-writer/star Naz Kawakami spoke to Salon about their vibey and melancholy Sundance film

Biden administration’s rapid-test rollout doesn’t easily reach those who need it most

Two rapid-testing initiatives the Biden administration released in the past week are inaccessible to some Americans

WATCH: Trump plays Wordle on Laura Ingraham's Fox News show in Saturday Night Live opener

Another week, another scene-stealing Donald Trump cold open

The TikTok time bomb: The nascent social media app is feeding us junk food news nonstop

TikTok is an inadequate, possibly even harmful salve to the pain of a prolonged pandemic

Bill Barr spoke with Jan. 6 committee about Trump White House plan to seize voting machines

"We are concerned that our military was part of this Big Lie, promoting that the election was false"

So what the hell happened to Boris Johnson — and can it happen to Donald Trump?

Britain's upper-crust pseudo-Trump looks to be toast — over a garden-party scandal. Is there a lesson for America?

How to store cut avocados so they don't look gross

Guacamole for days

Trump instructed Michael Cohen to make sure Don Jr. went to jail instead of Ivanka

The former president apparently believed his son would handle the stresses of prison better

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