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Fox News mogul Rupert Murdoch may "buy Trump off" to avoid losing fans to rival network: report

The Murdoch family is said to be mulling a plan to offer Trump $100 million "so he shuts the f*ck up"

At Trump's final bizarre turkey pardon, his ongoing refusal to concede was the elephant in the room

The president talked up the Dow and made a racist swipe at the "China virus," but no mention of the transition

"Boy, did we screw up": Charles Koch renounces partisanship while pouring money into Georgia GOP

A billionaire whose contributions stoked the furnace of right-wing politics says he "screwed up by being partisan"

A reliable pandemic forecasting model says cases will nearly double by Inauguration Day

As case numbers explode across the country, Biden is poised to inherit a drastically worse crisis

Ronan Farrow earns Grammy nomination for "Catch and Kill" audiobook

The audiobook about how broke the Harvey Weinstein story also features Farrow performing a variety of accents

Dave Chappelle pulls "Chappelle’s Show" off Netflix, slams ViacomCBS for not paying him

Chappelle is telling fans not to watch his shows on streaming platforms until he is paid

Limbaugh criticizes Trump’s lawyers: They promised “blockbuster” evidence — then “nothing happened”

If "you announce massive bombshells, then you better have some bombshells,” Rush Limbaugh points out

Monolith discovered in Utah desert has everyone buzzing over "2001: A Space Odyssey"

To prevent tourists from traveling out into the desert, the location of the monolith is not being given

Ingraham admits Trump lost — and saying otherwise is “lying”: “This constitutes living in reality”

"I would be lying to you" if I predicted Supreme Court would overturn the election for Trump, Ingraham admits

Give it a rest, Republicans — no one wants to take away Turkey Day

The imaginary "war on Thanksgiving" is just Republicans grasping for post-Trump bulls**t to rile up the base

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