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Twitter hearing uses old Chrissy Teigen tweet as example of suppression attempt from Trump

The House Oversight Committee used a 2019 diss against Trump as proof of requests for content removal

"Cover-up": Workers "know the truth" about the derailment disaster — why are they being ignored?

The "employers are the voice of the cover-up," says Transport Workers Union International President John Samuelsen

"I like to make people happy": Before she was famous, Shania Twain "enjoyed" working at McDonald's

The previously unknown connection of two titans of fast food and music

Learn the secret for parchment paper piping bags

A professional pastry chef shares all the steps to making this tool for decorating cakes

Google targets low-income people with ads for "fake abortion clinics": Study

"Lower-income women are being targeted, and they're the ones that are going to suffer the most," researcher warns

When your mom is your campaign manager: Inside the pricey, competitive world of school valentines

Forget homemade or mere paper sentiments. Don't show your face in class unless your cards come with a bonus item

Cop charged in deadly Tyre Nichols beating sent graphic photo to “at least 5 people”: report

Officer took a photo of Nichols after the brutal beating and texted it to other cops and a female friend

“This is just crazy”: Iowa GOP’s child labor bill would let kids work “dangerous” jobs

The bill would also shield businesses from liability if a minor employee is sickened, injured, or killed

CNN host fact-checks GOP claim that no one wants to cut Social Security: "Rick Scott said that!"

"I read it on Rick Scott's website!" host Kaitlan Collins told Rep. Byron Donalds

Three major things most people get wrong about the brain, according to a neuroscientist

Yes, you use more than 10% of your brain — and no, being "right-" or "left-brained" isn't really a thing

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