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Three Kushner family companies scored millions in coronavirus bailout funds

Some of the companies which cashed in on the loans belong to the family of President Trump's son-in-law

Black activist claims that he was "almost the victim of an attempted lynching” over Fourth of July

Vauhxx Booker claims a group of white men threatened to “get a noose” in what he describes as alleged "hate crime"

Trump's niece claims that he got into Wharton after he "paid someone" to take the SAT on his behalf

Mary Trump says fraudulent score helped her uncle get into University of Pennsylvania's prestigious Wharton school

Trump economic adviser Peter Navarro recalls drinking from a "colored" water fountain at Woolworth’s

"My awakening on the race issue was when I was eight years old in a Woolworth's store in West Palm Beach"

Did Trump order the Russian bounty story cut from John Bolton's book?

We've heard all about the stuff that's in Bolton's book. But the stuff that isn't might be even more damaging

On being Black in Kentucky and Charles Booker's historic run for Senate

I grew up in Kentucky, but never felt like the state accounted for my humanity until now

Physicists who study fluids say toilet-flushing could be major way coronavirus spreads

Physicists found that vortices created via the turbulence of flushing carry droplets three feet in the air

Mitch McConnell wants to restrict future stimulus checks to incomes of $40K or less

Salon asked economists to weigh in on the socioeconomic impact of means-testing pandemic relief checks

Judge rules that Dakota Access Pipeline must be shut down and emptied

Surprisingly, the controversial pipeline's shutdown came about due to the Army Corps of Engineers' own legal error

An appreciation of Ringo Starr's dynamic and joyful musical gifts – despite the naysayers

The lowest-profile Beatles member turns 80, but his musical & humanitarian career continues as consistently as ever

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