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The making of a right-wing martyr: Conservatives treat Derek Chauvin's conviction as an act of war

Turning a dead-eyed murderer like Derek Chauvin into a martyr shows that the right has no limits on its open racism

Trevor Noah's wit is an effective weapon against white supremacy and defense of police violence

There is nothing funny about police violence. But Noah's satire exposes the racism and stupidity supporting it

America’s biggest jails are frontline environmental justice communities

The three biggest county jail systems in the US show how incarcerated people are exposed to environmental hazards

Right-wing media erupts in incoherent rage after Derek Chauvin is found guilty

Tucker Carlson mocks Chauvin verdict as "please don't hurt us"; Tomi Lahren asks, "Is Foot Locker safe tonight?"

Derek Chauvin verdict: How the crack in the blue wall of silence should be exploited

From Rodney King to George Floyd, what progress in policing has been made over the last 30 years in the U.S?

Snag a vaccine appointment, then face the next hurdle: how to get there?

With vaccines now becoming available, the privilege of easy access is coming into sharper focus

MyPillow man Mike Lindell's new social platform does not have optimal launch

Lindell claims 90 million visitors to broken site; is trolled by Trump prankster, interrupted by Salon reporter

A sweeping study shows how humans changed the environment over 12,000 years

Researchers find that humans have long occupied much of the planet — but only recently began to destroy it

A quarter of the U.S. population is vaccinated. So why are COVID-19 cases still rising?

A few states are leading the rise, but experts are hopeful the U.S. is at a turning point

Watch the first trailer for "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings"

Welcome to Phase Four of the MCU!

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