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"14 SANS Instructors Share Their Cyber Resolutions for 2020"

Where can we take cybersecurity in the New Year?Wondering what SANS instructors are resolving to better about their own cybersecurity practices in 2020? Fourteen offer their 2020 resolutions here - from dabbling in new technologies and techniques to changing personal habits, read what our experienced practitioners are planning to prioritize this year....

"Why are so many organisations still not ready for IPv6?"

IPV6 officially launched in 2012 but had already been in existence for a number of years and had been implemented on all major operating systems used by businesses and consumers by 2011. It had been widely acknowledged that we were running out of IPv4 addresses even before this date, so why are organisations across Europe still not ready to implement...

"SANS Announces 13th Holiday Hack Challenge and 2nd \"KringleCon\""

KringleCon is a free, holiday-themed virtual hacker conference, complete with speakers and innovative CTF challenges (Holiday Hack). This year's Holiday Hack Challenge will include both offensive and defensive machine learning challenges. SANS have included more defensive training opportunities to engage a broader audience in the InfoSec community. ...

"The Blame Game - Corporate failure or attacker?"

Whether motivated by financial gain, hacktivism, whistle-blowing, or some other reason, any kind of cyber attack is illegal and should therefore be prosecuted if attribution is possible. There's no doubt however, when an organisation is targeted and successfully hacked, it must bear some responsibility for data loss if security controls were incorrectly...

"5 Things Not to Miss at SANS Cyber Defense Initiative 2019"

Plan your week so that you don't miss the highlights.Roughly 1,000 cybersecurity professionals will descend on Washington D.C. this week, ready to immerse themselves in a week full of cybersecurity learning.If you're among those attending, you're likely coming to reinforce your knowledge and expand your cybersecurity skill set by taking one of the 40+...

"The Internet of Things: Making Mountains out of Microprocessors"

With anestimated eight billion IoT devices connected to the internet and this number set to continue to grow at an alarming rate, discoverhow to secure your IoT devices! VisitSANS Instituteto see all available cyber securitytraining courses,online trainingand theSANS Reading Roomwhere you'll find unlimited access to Analyst Papers and all associated...

"Phishing Prevention and Corporates - The Art of Getting it Wrong"

It's 2019, and we're still being phished, why aren't we learning from it?Until corporations employ controls that address the issue, then phishing isn't going to disappear, and we will likely see an increase in sophistication, number and ferocity of attacks and their consequences. Read on to learn how to protect your systems from Phishers. Continue reading...

"Exploring NetWars with SANS Certified Instructor Steve Armstrong"

For a more in depth look behind the scenes of a SANS NetWars Tournament, we speak to SANS certified instructor Steve Armstrong. Read on to find out more. Continue reading Exploring NetWars with SANS Certified Instructor Steve Armstrong

"Are You Preparing for Your GIAC Exam? Try These Top 10 Indexing Tips"

Are you taking your GIAC certification and looking for hints and tips on how to pass your cyber security exam? Read on to discover how you can give yourself the best chance of passing. Continue reading Are You Preparing for Your GIAC Exam? Try These Top 10 Indexing Tips

"Cyber Security and the Importance of Continuous Training"

With cyber-attacks now said to be the fourth most serious global concern, we look into the importance of cyber security training and of keeping skills fresh and up to date, through the eyes of the individual and the organisation. Continue reading Cyber Security and the Importance of Continuous Training

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