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Highly eccentric black hole merger discovered

Scientists believe they have detected a merger of two black holes with eccentric orbits. This can help explain how some of the previous black hole mergers are much heavier than previously thought possible.

Artificial pancreas proves ‘life-changing’ for very young children with type 1 diabetes and their families

An artificial pancreas is helping protect very young children with type 1 diabetes at a particularly vulnerable time of their lives. A study published today found that it is both safe to use and more effective at managing their blood sugar levels than current technology.

Just what is a ‘resilient’ forest, anyway?

What does a 'resilient' forest look like in California's Sierra Nevada? A lot fewer trees than we're used to, according to a study of frequent-fire forests.

Advancing materials science with the help of biology and a dash of dish soap

Scientists have finally found a way to probe delicate microcrystals with powerful X-ray laser beams. They say their method could help advance semiconductor and solar cell development.

Branching worm discovered in Japan named after Godzilla’s nemesis

Branching marine worms are bizarre creatures with one head but a body that branches over and over again into multiple posterior ends. Until now, only two species of these curious beasts, thought to be extremely rare, were known. However, a third species has now been discovered and described. The worm, named Ramisyllis kingghidorahi after King Ghidorah,...

Creating sustainable material from waste

A team of researchers looking for ways to upcycle biomass into new products has demonstrated that it is possible to efficiently turn industrially processed lignin into high-performance plastics, such as bio-based 3D-printing resins, and valuable chemicals. An economic and life-cycle analysis reveals the approach can be competitive with similar petroleum-based...

You can feel this acid when you work out. Now it may increase knowledge of cancer medicine

New research shows that specific enzymes can remove lactic acid marks. This finding may increase our understanding of cancer medicine and how physical exercise, among other things, can affect human epigenetics.

Mapping dementia-linked protein interactions yields potential new treatment targets

By mapping all the protein interactions of a dementia-linked protein in the brain called Tau, a team of investigators has created a road map for identifying potential new treatment targets for Alzheimer's disease and related dementia.

Researchers simulate behavior of living 'minimal cell' in three dimensions

Scientists report that they have built a living 'minimal cell' with a genome stripped down to its barest essentials -- and a computer model of the cell that mirrors its behavior. By refining and testing their model, the scientists say they are developing a system for predicting how changes to the genomes, living conditions or physical characteristics...

Meta-analysis may help guide treatment planning for patients with high-risk prostate cancer

Results of a large study could help guide treatment planning for patients with high-risk prostate cancer.

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