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Exposure to soft robots decreases human fears about working with them

Seeing robots made with soft, flexible parts in action appears to lower people's anxiety about working with them or even being replaced by them. A study found that watching videos of a soft robot working with a person at picking and placing tasks lowered the viewers' safety concerns and feelings of job insecurity. This was true even when the soft robot...

Wed Dec 6, 2023 00:20
AI networks are more vulnerable to malicious attacks than previously thought

Artificial intelligence tools hold promise for applications ranging from autonomous vehicles to the interpretation of medical images. However, a new study finds these AI tools are more vulnerable than previously thought to targeted attacks that effectively force AI systems to make bad decisions.

Tue Dec 5, 2023 03:17
A color-based sensor to emulate skin's sensitivity

In a step toward more autonomous soft robots and wearable technologies, researchers have created a device that uses color to simultaneously sense multiple mechanical and temperature stimuli.

Sat Dec 2, 2023 16:00
Brainstorming with a bot

Electronic nanomaterials experts have imagined how recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) could aid scientific brainstorming and ideation. To accomplish this, they have developed a chatbot with knowledge in the kinds of science he's been engaged in.

Sat Dec 2, 2023 16:00
Scientists use A.I.-generated images to map visual functions in the brain

Researchers have demonstrated the use of AI-selected natural images and AI-generated synthetic images as neuroscientific tools for probing the visual processing areas of the brain. The goal is to apply a data-driven approach to understand how vision is organized while potentially removing biases that may arise when looking at responses to a more limited...

Fri Dec 1, 2023 16:03
2D material reshapes 3D electronics for AI hardware

Researchers demonstrated monolithic 3D integration of layered 2D material into novel processing hardware for artificial intelligence computing. The new approach provides a material-level solution for fully integrating many functions into a single, small electronic chip -- and paves the way for advanced AI computing. 

Fri Dec 1, 2023 16:03

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