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Pepper the robot talks to itself to improve its interactions with people

Ever wondered why your virtual home assistant doesn't understand your questions? Or why your navigation app took you on the side street instead of the highway? Researchers have now designed a robot that 'thinks out loud' so that users can hear its thought process and better understand the robot's motivations and decisions.

Augmented reality in retail and its impact on sales

Augmented reality is an effective technology that marketers can use to improve sales.

Technology could partially restore vision in blind people, engineers say

A team of engineers is developing a retinal implant that works with camera-equipped smart glasses and a microcomputer.

After AIs mastered Go and Super Mario, scientists have taught them how to 'play' experiments

Inspired by the mastery of artificial intelligence (AI) over games like Go and Super Mario, scientists have trained an AI agent - an autonomous computational program that observes and acts - how to conduct research experiments at superhuman levels by using the same approach.

How tiny machines become capable of learning

Living organisms, from bacteria to animals and humans, can perceive their environment and process, store and retrieve this information. They learn how to react to later situations using appropriate actions. A team of physicists have developed a method for giving tiny artificial microswimmers a certain ability to learn using machine learning algorithms.

People affected by COVID-19 are being nicer to machines

Researchers report that people affected by COVID-19 show more goodwill to humans and to human-like autonomous machines. The findings suggest that the coronavirus crisis helped close the gap between people and technology.

Predicting motion sickness severity from virtual reality

A new study explored why the severity of motion sickness varies from person to person by investigating sources of cybersickness during VR use.

Using artificial intelligence to generate 3D holograms in real-time

Researchers have developed a way to produce holograms almost instantly. The deep learning-based method is so efficient, it could run on a smartphone, they say.

An electrically charged glass display smoothly transitions between a spectrum of colors

Scientists have developed a see-through glass display with a high white light contrast ratio that smoothly transitions between a broad spectrum of colors when electrically charged. The technology overcomes limitations of existing electrochromic devices by harnessing interactions between metal ions and ligands, opening the door for numerous future applications.

Virtual avatar coaching with community context for adult-child dyads

Virtual reality avatar-based coaching shows promise to increase access to and extend the reach of nutrition education programs to children at risk for obesity, according to a new study.

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