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Designers find better solutions with computer assistance, but sacrifice creative touch

A computer-guided approach to design can propose more solutions and balance out human inexperience and design fixation.

Haptics device creates realistic virtual textures

Tactile sensation is an incredibly important part of how humans perceive their reality. Haptics or devices that can produce extremely specific vibrations that can mimic the sensation of touch are a way to bring that third sense to life. However, as far as haptics have come, humans are incredibly particular about whether or not something feels 'right,'...

Algorithms empower metalens design

Researchers have developed a new method for designing large-scale metasurfaces that uses techniques of machine intelligence to generate designs automatically. The method will enable new metasurface designs that can make an impact on virtual or augmented reality, self-driving cars, and machine vision for embarked systems and satellites.

Eavesdroppers can hack 6G frequency with DIY metasurface

Crafty hackers can make a tool to eavesdrop on some 6G wireless signals in as little as five minutes using office paper, an inkjet printer, a metallic foil transfer and a laminator.

Study finds realism a key factor in driving engagement with virtual reality videos

A recent study finds that realism is a key factor in determining whether viewers engage with virtual reality videos -- and that engagement is itself a key factor in determining whether viewers are interested in watching VR videos in the future.

Laser bursts drive extremely fast logic gates

By clarifying the role of 'real' and 'virtual' charge carriers in laser-induced currents, researchers have taken a decisive step toward creating ultrafast computers.

Head, body, eye coordination conserved across animal kingdom

Fruit flies synchronize the movements of their heads and bodies to stabilize their vision and fly effectively, according to researchers who utilized virtual-reality flight simulators. The finding appears to hold true in primates and other animals, the researchers say, indicating that animals evolved to move their eyes and bodies independently to conserve...

Immersive VR: Empowering kids to survive in fire, flood, and war

When you live in the driest State in the driest country in the world, bushfires are an unfortunate, and all-too-regular part of life. Learning how to survive such emergencies is important for all people, but especially for our youngest citizens.

New process enables 3D printing of small and complex components made of glass in just a few minutes

Scientists combine materials science invention with newly developed 3D printing technology. Components made of highly transparent glass can be manufactured in just a few minutes and with great geometric freedom. Possible applications of the new process technology are micro-optical components of sensors, microscopes or lab-on-a-chip systems

New polymer materials make fabricating optical interconnects easier

Researchers have developed new polymer materials that are ideal for making the optical links necessary to connect chip-based photonic components with board-level circuits or optical fibers. These materials can be used to easily create interconnects between photonic chips and optical printed circuit boards, the light-based equivalent of electronic printed...

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