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Evolution and speciation in birds and other animals

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Current Protected Areas Cannot Protect Parrots From Extinction

A recent study finds that parrots will rapidly go extinct if we allow deforestation, agriculture and poaching to continue unabatedContinue reading on Noteworthy - The Journal Blog »

How To Save Wild Parrots: Some Suggestions From Grey Parrots

Grey parrots are endangered and their populations are collapsing across Africa — except for one small oceanic island. Why?Continue reading on Medium »

More Birds Make You As Happy As More Money

Conservation of nature is as important for human happiness and well-being as financial securityContinue reading on Curious »

How One Becomes Two: Genetic Shuffling Gave Rise To A New Bird Species

Sudden changes in bird songs and plumage colors provides female songbirds with mate choices that can rapidly lead to establishment of new…Continue reading on The Startup »

How Lovebirds Keep Their Cool When It’s Really Hot

Some birds may develop unique behaviors to deal with extreme heat created by global warmingContinue reading on The Startup »

Pets versus pests: Does the global exotic pet trade favor invasive pests?

Exotic pets — companion animals that are not native to the area where they are kept — can become invasive pests when they escape or are…Continue reading on The Startup »

Using Misinformation To Protect Vulnerable Breeding Shorebirds

‘Fake news’ misinformation tactics can be used to trick invasive predators into ignoring a mealContinue reading on Medium »

Bird-Friendly Coffees Really Are For The Birds

But surprisingly, only half of all birders and other environmentally-conscious people have ever heard of these coffeesContinue reading on Gardening, Birding, and Outdoor Adventure »

The ‘Mona Lisa’ Of Ancient Egyptian Art Depicts Extinct Goose

A 4600 year old painting from a tomb in Egypt depicts an extinct and previously unknown species of gooseContinue reading on THOUGHTS »

Extinct Bird Provides Roadmap For Reintroducing Other Long-Lost Animals

The Guam kingfisher has been extinct in the wild for more than 30 years but it now stands on the brink of being released back into the wildContinue reading on The Startup »

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