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Hong Kong security minister says failure to take enforcement action against suspect on religious grounds against Vatican’s idea of justice

Arrest of Cardinal Joseph Zen was in accordance with the law and had nothing to do with his role in the church, says security chief Chris Tang.

China’s elderly want to enjoy their golden years, not raise next generation unless get paid for it

An increasing number of grandparents are rejecting social expectations that they raise their grandchildren so they can enjoy an independent retirement.

Australia’s new PM Albanese heads to Tokyo, says relationship with China to remain ‘a difficult one’

Australia’s new prime minister Anthony Albanese took office, hours before flying to Tokyo for a Quad summit.

Hong Kong to ramp up security for handover anniversary to guard against new threats including Covid-19, home-grown terrorism, minister says

Security chief Chris Tang says all law enforcement agencies will be mobilised and preparations are in full swing to ensure guests’ safety.

Pakistan’s defiant ex-PM Imran Khan calls for protests to force elections

Pakistan’s ousted prime minister Imran Khan announced a plan to topple the new government, with his supporters converging on Islamabad on May 25 for a protest that he hopes will prompt the dissolution of parliament.

Return of ‘trashy tourists’ to Bali spotlights mass tourism’s double-edged sword

From complaining ‘Karens’ to naked social media influencers, there’s been a rash of reports about badly behaved foreigners since the Indonesian resort island reopened to international tourism in March.

Drug makers propose swift pandemic response to benefit poorer countries

Vaccine distribution must be put on a new footing for low-income nations in case of a new pandemic; trade barriers were an issue during Covid-19.

Hongkongers report over 5,000 traffic violations in trial run of police’s new WeChat channel

Users can report non-urgent traffic violations, such as dangerous driving, failing to comply with road markings or disobeying traffic lights.

Storms kill at least 8 in Canada, leave half a million without power

The storms, which lasted more than two hours Saturday afternoon and packed the power of a tornado, left a trail of destruction in parts of Ontario and Quebec.

China’s children of the Seventies come to the fore as next generation of leaders starts to emerge

Cadres born in the 1970s are starting to move up the Communist Party career ladder as they prepare for more senior roles.

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