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Vast lava rivers from La Palma volcano eruption show no signs of stopping in new satellite photos

High-resolution satellite images reveal lava rivers spilling from the Cumbre Vieja volcano on La Palma as the devastating eruption shows no signs of stopping.

International Observe the Moon Night 2021: Don't miss these live webcasts of the moon tonight.

The moon stars in live webcasts tonight NASA and lunar enthusiasts celebrate International Observe the Moon 2021.

Russian film crew to return to Earth from space station today. Here's how to watch online.

A Russian cosmonaut, actress and producer-director will all return to our planet Sunday (Oct. 17).

NASA launches robotic archaeologist Lucy on ambitious mission to Trojan asteroids

NASA's newest asteroid probe, named Lucy, successfully launched on 12-year mission to visit 8 asteroids early Saturday (Oct. 16).

Errant Russian spacecraft's thruster firing tilts the space station by accident again

Unplanned thruster firings by a Russian spacecraft briefly knocked the International Space Station off kilter today (Oct. 15), the second such incident in less than three months.

This Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition is a 37% off at Amazon right now

Amazon is offering 37% off Monopoly: Star Wars Complete Saga Edition, bringing the game down to $19.99 from its normal price of $31.

NASA's Lucy asteroid mission has good weather for Saturday launch. Here's how to watch live.

NASA's newest planetary science mission, an asteroid-observing probe named Lucy that will fly by a record eight different asteroids, is ready to launch and you can watch the action live online.

NASA Lucy asteroid mission-inspired craft ideas to try at home

The launch window for NASA's Lucy mission launch window opens on Saturday (Oct. 16). Here are some Lucy-inspired craft activities to keep you occupied until then.

Meet the 8 asteroids NASA's Lucy spacecraft will visit

The Lucy mission is scheduled to launch on Oct. 16, 2021, to study the unique Trojan asteroids, which orbit ahead of and behind the planet Jupiter.

Disabled 'astronauts-in-training' to fly weightlessly with Zero-G this weekend

Twelve disability ambassadors will fly weightlessly on Sunday (Oct. 17) as part of an initiative to advance disability inclusion in space.

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