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Astronomers propose 'SatHub' to address growing threat of satellite megaconstellations

Some astronomers suggest setting up a "SatHub" to address the growing threat that satellite megaconstellations pose to the night sky — but funding and support are necessary to make it happen.

American Rocketry Challenge sees Portland school take 2021 championship

A Portland-area high school came out on top in a new "distributed" version of this year's American Rocketry Challenge that was optimized for pandemic safety.

We could hunt gravitational waves on the moon if this wild idea takes off

The moon is a great place to hunt for ripples in space-time, a new study argues.

The Space Forums are giving away a SpaceX Crew-3 prize pack!

The Forums are giving away a SpaceX Crew-3 prize pack to get ready for the planned Oct. 31, 2021 launch of four astronauts to the International Space Station.

Astronaut watches Russian space station module fall from space in fiery demise (photos)

On Monday (July 26), astronauts said goodbye to a cornerstone of the International Space Station and captured stunning images of the compartment burning up in Earth's atmosphere.

Jeff Bezos asks NASA for moon lander contract, offers to cover billions in costs

Hot on the heels of its first crewed flight to suborbital space, Blue Origin reiterated that it wants a NASA moon lander contract — and stressed that it's willing to put a lot of its own money into the effort.

Fireball streaks across North Texas, creating light show and sonic boom

A fireball streaked across North Texas last night, leading to several hundred witness reports of a bright flash and sonic boom.

SpaceX retires giant net boats to catch rocket nose cones

SpaceX has retired its two rocket nose-cone-catching boats with their giant arms and nets.

Water vapor detected on huge Jupiter moon Ganymede for 1st time

In the wisp-thin sky of Jupiter's moon Ganymede, the largest satellite in the solar system, astronomers have for the first time detected evidence of water vapor, a new study finds.

German X-ray space telescope captures most complete map of black holes ever

A German X-ray mission is mapping the distribution of black holes and neutron stars in the Universe, having discovered over two million such new objects in less than two years since its launch.

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