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NASA will buy moon dirt from these 4 companies

NASA just bought the rights to four batches of future moon samples for the low, low price of $25,001.

Terrifying footage shows collapse of Arecibo Observatory's massive radio telescope

It took 17 seconds for Arecibo's massive radio telescope to crumble. It will take much longer for the dust to settle.

A 'tsunami' for astrophysics: New Gaia data reveals the best map of our galaxy yet

With new data from the European Gaia spacecraft, astronomers can now explore 1.8 billion cosmic objects in unparalleled detail.

China's Chang'e 5 probe lifts off from moon carrying lunar samples

China has launched a small spacecraft from the surface of the moon in the critical next step in the ambitious Chang'e 5 mission to bring lunar samples to Earth.

Virgin Galactic targeting Dec. 11 for next SpaceShipTwo spaceflight

The window for the third crewed spaceflight of VSS Unity, Virgin Galactic's latest SpaceShipTwo space plane, opens on Dec. 11.

Street artist Tristan Eaton to offer replicas of SpaceX-launched art

Tristan Eaton, a street artist whose creations lifted off on SpaceX's Crew Dragon, is now ready for his own launch: the sale of limited edition replicas of his space-flown "Human Kind" artwork.

Black holes may not exist, but fuzzballs might, wild theory suggests

What if black holes aren't black holes at all, but rather the cosmic equivalent of fuzzy, vibrating balls of string?

The Milky Way and beyond: Scientists publish new data on nearly 2 billion stars

As of today (Dec. 3), scientists have 1.8 billion local stars at their fingertips.

Swarms of 'primordial' black holes might fill our universe

The universe might be full of tiny, ancient black holes. And researchers might be able to prove it.

On Mars, internal heat may have powered habitable hotspots long ago

The Martian underground may have been habitable billions of years ago even if the planet's surface was a dry, frigid wasteland.

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