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Historic Mount Wilson Observatory survives close call with Southern California's Bobcat Fire

Firefighters protected the historic observatory as the wildfire crept dangerously close.

Here's every successful Venus mission humanity has ever launched

This slideshow shows every successful Venus mission in history, according to information from NASA.

'Stupendously large' black holes could grow to truly monstrous sizes

A team of scientists now suggests black holes could reach what they call "stupendously large" sizes, each harboring the mass of 100 billion suns or more.

Tropical storms and billowing wildfire smoke rage in the same NASA satellite photo

A satellite spotted several tropical storms and dozens of wildfires ravaging the United States together in one image.

The 1st Artemis astronauts on the moon may not visit the lunar south pole after all, NASA says

For 18 months, NASA has focused on landing astronauts in 2024 near the moon's south pole, but that last piece of the directive may need to take a back seat if executing the mission gets too tricky.

Astronauts to film Estée Lauder skincare serum on International Space Station: report

NASA astronauts will be receiving and filming bottles of Estée Lauder skincare aboard the International Space Station later this month, according to CNN Business.

Family, fellow astronauts to celebrate life of moon voyager Al Worden

An Apollo astronaut who set a record for social distancing is being remembered for the close relationships he made in life.

Pastel-colored Jupiter dazzles in gorgeous Hubble telescope photo

A photo by the Hubble Space Telescope shows the solar system's largest planet in surprising pastel hues.

Space Perspective partners with Exclusive Resorts for balloon rides to the stratosphere

The members-only vacation club Exclusive Resorts will become the first privately chartered travel group to fly aboard Space Perspective's balloon-borne capsule.

'Space Hero:' Planned reality TV show wants to launch winner to International Space Station

A production company is planning to film a reality TV show that features a 10-day stay aboard the International Space Station as its grand prize.

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