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China launches 3 satellites on 2 rockets in 3 days

China just put three satellites into space during two launches from different space centers in three days.

House bill would nix White House's proposed 2021 NASA budget boost

A bill released by the U.S. House of Representatives today (July 7) would keep NASA funding flat next year, at $22.629 billion.

Chinese scientists reveal analysis of weird substance found on the moon's far side by Yutu 2 rover

Chinese scientists have published an analysis of a curious substance on the moon which generated widespread interest following its discovery by the Yutu 2 rover last year.

Yale astronomy students speak out against institutional racism

Students are leading the charge to make changes at Yale University after a heated debate over systemic racism at the institution went public.

'Clyde's Spot,' a new storm on Jupiter, discovered by amateur astronomer (photos)

NASA's Jupiter-orbiting Juno probe has captured gorgeous imagery of a storm that recently cropped up on the giant planet.

Israel launches Ofek 16 reconnaissance satellite into orbit

Israel has successfully launched a new reconnaissance satellite into orbit, the latest in a series of spy satellites for the country that date back to 1988.

It's the month of Mars! 3 Red Planet missions set to launch in July

Three missions are poised to launch toward the Red Planet this month, including NASA's life-hunting, sample-caching Perseverance rover.

What are Newton's laws of motion?

There's a reason — actually, several — why Sir Isaac Newton is often considered the No. 1 scientist of all time.

Astronauts bound for Mars should swing by Venus first, scientists say

To get to Mars cheaper and faster to save time and open up new mission windows, scientists say there's an easy shortcut: fly by Venus on the way.

Astrophysicist Joe Pesce answers your questions about the universe (AMA Recap!)

Astrophysicist Dr. Joe Pesce recently joined the forums to answer your questions about the universe, and also Star Trek.

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