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Are You Most Loyal to Purpose or People?

Where is your greatest loyalty – to your purpose or to specific people in your life? This is an interesting character sculpting choice, isn’t it? If you remain loyal to the people in your life, your alignment with your purpose will be weaker. When you have a conflict between people and purpose, you’ll stick with the people and...

Declining Emotional Invitations

This is a follow-up to the last two posts on emotional consent and how to invite emotional consent. What if someone makes an emotional offer, either directly or indirectly, and you’d actually like to decline? Suppose someone starts venting at you emotionally, and you know that if you continue to listen, it’s likely to be draining....

How to Invite Emotional Consent

In my previous post, I addressed the importance of emotional consent. In this post I’ll share how to ask for emotional consent when you want to have a heart-to-heart with someone. It’s pretty straightforward in terms of the words. The intention behind it is what matters most. You could start with a line like this: I...

Emotional Consent

Have you ever had the experience of someone venting their emotions onto you or roping you into an emotional conversation, and you never actually consented to sharing that kind of experience with them? How did that feel? Did you ever feel used, abused, or drained by someone emotionally, especially someone who expected to be granted automatic...

Do Nice Zombies Make Worthwhile Friends?

Some people have asked me why I don’t engage with Trump supporters, try to understand them better, invite deep conversations with them, or something along those lines. I think it’s a valid question, and the answer is simple: I don’t see any real potential in such relationships. For me they all land somewhere on a scale that spans from dumb to dumber...

Reader Experiences

On July 22 I shared a checking in with you post, inviting people to share what they’ve been experiencing during this time and how they’re doing. A lot of people decided to take me up on that – more than I was expecting. After personally replying to the first several dozen people that wrote to me, I let the remaining responses pile up for...

How to Stop Worrying About Criticism

Overcome fear of criticism and judgment, especially when building an online audience. Receive Steve's new articles by email.Read related articles:Blog CommentsHow to Bypass ResistanceSilence

Becoming More Resilient

Develop long-term resilience to quickly bounce back from setbacks.

Your Most Valuable Minutes

Your results may depend on extraordinary minutes more than productive hours. Receive Steve's new articles by email.Read related articles:Build Fitness With Mild Interval TrainingBoost Your Happiness in 2 MinutesOverclock Your Audio Learning

Create Your Day

Here’s a new video about creating your day in advance, not just mentally (like with a to-do list) but emotionally as well. Receive Steve's new articles by email.Read related articles:Day 16: Creating Financial AbundanceDay 17: Your Relationship with the UniverseDay 26: Breaking the Rules

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