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Sustaining Southeast Asia's Momentum

Dynamism, a growing middle class, and entrepreneurial flair have made the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) one of the consistently best-performing regions in the world since the 2008 financial crisis. So it's no surprise that a large number of investors and multinationals are turning their focus to ASEAN's dynamic markets. The bloc's...

Strategy Talk: How to Help Your Team Get More Creative

Anyone can get better at generating novel, useful business ideas. To foster that skill among members of your team, have them mirror how creative breakthroughs actually happen in the business world: Ask them to find and assemble the most relevant discoveries of others into a solution to whatever problem your challenge or opportunity presents.

Inside Symantec's Tech Transformation

Symantec chief information officer Sheila Jordan spent the last four years leading IT at the cybersecurity company during one of Silicon Valley's most noteworthy corporate change efforts. In this interview, she describes the shifts that Symantec went through: acquisitions, divestitures, diversity gains, and the continued effort to simplify the technology...

Water Experts for the World

After centuries of managing its own immense water-related challenges, the Netherlands is learning to export its expertise. There are at least 125 advanced Dutch engineering and architecture businesses with global clientele, providing such services as flood control, wastewater management, desalination, flood insurance, infrastructure design, algae management,...

Making Critical Decisions with Confidence

Nancy McKinstry, the first non-Dutch CEO and first woman CEO of a company listed on the Euronext Amsterdam stock exchange, transformed Wolters Kluwer, a 183-year-old Dutch publisher, into a global expert solutions provider. She championed diversity, and half of Wolters Kluwer staff and two-thirds of divisional CEOs are women.

Yes, Henry David Thoreau Was an Industrial Innovator

Henry David Thoreau is best remembered for his musings on living off the grid in the book Walden. But he was also an innovative businessman, spending chunks of his life working at his family's pencil company and making significant improvements in its very important product. Thoreau's experience has lessons for contemporary audiences not just on how...

Stop Dropping the Baton during Business Transitions

When handled poorly, handoffs -- also known as business or departmental transitions -- can dilute, muddle, and, ultimately, destroy innovation. Too frequently, units within companies simply turn tasks over to their colleagues and counterparts -- rather than working together to see initiatives to completion. In order to pass the baton effectively from...

How Tech Market Makers Build Value

Why do some large technology companies prosper while others suffer stagnant growth? The answer lies in a specific approach to value creation. Market makers are large tech companies that stand apart from the crowd by creating markets where none existed before. To forge their own profitable paths, they rely on a combination of shrewd deals, purposeful...

Closing the Skills Gap Could Be as Simple as ABC

More collaboration between businesses and schools is vital to ensure that the next generation of workers is "future-fit."

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