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Do Whatever The Fuck You Want… Just Don’t Hurt People

The phrase “Do Whatever The Fuck You Want…Just Don’t Hurt People” is often seen as a mantra for individual freedom and personal responsibility. It emphasizes the importance of respecting others and their boundaries, while also encouraging individuals to pursue their own desires and interests. This message can be seen as a call for people to...

Discover the Iconic Leeloo Holding her Multipass in Cape Town’s Stunning Mural

If you’re a fan of classic science fiction and mind-blowing visuals, you won’t want to miss this piece of art in Cape Town. Leeloo, the extraterrestrial goddess from “The Fifth Element,” has landed in South Africa and is ready to take you on a wild ride through the cosmos with her trusty multipass in hand. A mural by Hood Graff Team depicting...

Mural of a Old Man by Johny Carlos in Aracaju, Brazil (3 photos)

Graffiti Artist Johny Carlos By Johny Carlos in Aracaju, Brazil.  Johny Carlos: It’s been some time since I last painted an Old Man! In the background in yellow is the “FOREVER IN THE EVOLUTION CREW”. This is the name of the crew I belong to, and it represents more than just that, as it is also a life philosophy.

A feast for the eyes with the enchanting cat mural by artist Uriginal in Barcelona (4 photos)

Street Artist Uriginal Mural by Uriginal in Barcelona, Spain.

Bringing the Neighborhood to the Center: A Mural by Veracidade Celebrates Resilience and Joy (4 photos)

Street Artist Veracidade brings vibrant colors and bold imagery to the streets of São Paulo By Veracidade in São Paulo, Brazil for Museu da Cidade de São Paulo. Veracidade is a street artist and muralist whose work brings vibrant colors and bold imagery to the streets of São Paulo. One of his latest works, located at the Solar da Marquesa...

A World of Polka Dots: Yayoi Kusama installation at the Champs Elysées LV

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama This is advertising, but we’ll let it pass this time: By Yayoi Kusama in Paris, France. Yayoi Kusama’s art goes beyond just paintings and sculptures. She has created an array of installations, performances, and other art forms that often incorporate polka dots, repeated patterns, and bold, vibrant colors. ...

If You Repeat A Lie Often Enough It Becomes Politics

Street Artist Mogul Mogul, a Stockholm-based street artist, created this classic stencil +10 years ago. The first image is from Stockholm, and the second is from London. A “funny” thing about this piece of street art is that, over the years, several blogs have reported it as one of Banksy’s works. Despite the fact that Mogul’s tag can...

A Peaky Blinders themed wall by Deej in Perth, Australia (5 photos)

Street Artist Deej A Peaky Blinders themed mural by Deej in Perth, Australia. Deej: A Peaky Blinders themed wall I painted out the back of Club 316 featuring Cillian Murphy as Thomas Shelby. Thanks to Blackbook Ink Murals & Graffiti Art and all painted in #mtn94 from The Butcher Shop. Mural at the same...

A Photo Opportunity – WOSKerski in London

Street Artist WOSKERSKI By WOSKERSKI in London (UK) for SprayExhibition20. About WOSKERSKI: WOSKERSKI is a versatile interdisciplinary artist whose journey with art started in 1997. Constantly pushing boudaries he combines a variety of mediums and styles. Today the artist is recognised for his vivid illustrations, vibrant colours and often...

The Giant Greenish-Blue Dragon Mural That Comes to Life on a Three-Storey Building

Mural of the Seri Gumum Dragon At Kuantan art street in Pahang, Malaysia. Part of Project 06. The Seri Gumum Dragon: A Legendary Giant Serpent in Pahang Malay Folklore. Locally known as Nāga and often depicted as an Asian dragon, the creature is said to inhabit Chini Lake in Pahang, Malaysia. Many legends surround the Seri Gumum, including...

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