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Best of Aruba

Looking at these photos make me really miss Aruba!

Best of: Yellowstone

Continuing the Best Of series, here we go into Yellowstone!

Best of… Germany!

Today, here are five of my favorite photos from Germany!

23 Emotions People Feel but Can’t Explain

I found this great set of words on Reddit! Saw this on r/coolguides …. I think we can relate to some of these during our trips from DMT Best of: Portugal Continuing the Best Of series to get everyone excited about travel SOME DAY, check out my favorite ones from Portugal!

Great Meditation

I’ve always loved listening to Mooji and I just recently found out he was on Russell Brand’s show. Here’s a meditation he did while on there: Best of: New York City! I have a ton of photos of the city, so it’s extra hard to choose the favorites… so these aren’t really favorites… just a lucky dip!

Passport Member Update for Sunday!

Today, if you’re a Passport Member, I have a cool new video that shows some of my favorites that I’ve selected so far while working on a new photo project. Actually, I’ll show you some that I really like and others that I don’t like and explain why… a little self-critique time. In fact, one of them I think I hate! Te Arai Selections so farI’ve...

Great video podcast about the nature of reality

I know this is mega nerdy, but I really am into this stuff… I’ve heard him interviewed a few times and this is my favorite. Best of… Morocco! Oh man, seeing these photos of Morocco make me really miss this sort of exotic travel, you know? It also makes me miss eating 10 kinds of bread every morning for breakfast and then feeling bloated for the...

Updated the house website!

Thanks Stu for adding this page all about my home you can rent in New Zealand. We have one of them on Adobe Spark, but I thought it was a good idea to put here too! Best of…Milford Sound! In continuing the Best Of category… let’s go way down south the the fjordlands of New Zealand!

The Egg

Here’s one of my favorite short stories in YouTube form! My friend Tim Chang sent this to me… and it’s one of my favorite stories about the fabric of reality that might actually be true! Best Of… Queenstown, New Zealand today! Enjoy!

Machine Elf 36 – Open Heart

Here’s the latest! Machine Elf 36 – Open Heart. I remember laying out in the white sands of the desert at Burning Man on my back in the middle of the afternoon, looking at the sun and blue sky. I was thinking about 1,000 different things and not thinking of them at the same time. Yes, I might have been on acid, but that’s beside the point. Well, not...

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