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Microsoft accidentally leaked almost the entire plot for Halo Infinite

Over the weekend, Halo Infinite's Creative Director Joseph Staten issued a tweet acknowledging that the development team had accidentally left files for the single-player campaign in the multiplayer beta they released last week. Data miners uncovered the files and publish the contents on the internet. You can find the extracted...

Take remote control of your PC or phone with TeamViewer

TeamViewer is a well established app and an intuitive way to remotely control computers, tablets, and smartphones. It is free for personal use available for all major platforms.

The first Star Wars Tamagotchi lets you take care of a digital version of R2-D2

Resulting from a partnership between Bandai and Disney, the Star Wars R2-D2 Tamagotchi will feature some unique features compared to most other versions of the digital toy currently on sale.

AMD and Valve are developing an improved Linux CPU driver that will benefit the Steam Deck

When Valve announced the Steam Deck last month, it brought a lot of excitement among gamers who had been waiting for a way to play their favorite games from their Steam library wherever they want, without having to lug around a proper gaming laptop. Even Epic CEO Tim Sweeney thinks...

Google teases Pixel 6 phones with custom-built Tensor SoC

Google has announced its next-generation Pixel family of smartphones powered by a custom System on a Chip (SoC) called Tensor.

Gigabyte's 1200W Aorus power supply features an integrated LCD panel

The company’s new Aorus P1200W 80+ Platinum modular power supply is an 80 PLUS certified unit (92 percent efficiency at 50 percent load) with a fully modular design that packs 100 percent Japanese capacitors, a single +12V rail and a 140mm smart double ball bearing cooling fan that can spin...

Klipsch T5 II ANC earbuds use Bragi AI to accept/reject calls and skip tracks

Although very similar to the T5 II True Wireless on the outside, the T5 II True Wireless ANC add a new set of features that make them stand out. One such feature is Dirac HD Sound technology, claiming to offer improved staging, clarity, vocal crispness, and bass fidelity.

Astronomers spot light behind a black hole for the first time, reaffirming Einstein's theory of general relativity

Led by Stanford University’s Dan Wilkins, the team focused on a black hole that is 10 million times as massive as our sun and located 1,800 million light years away in a galaxy called I Zwicky.

'3Dfx' account suggests the company is returning, but it's almost certainly a fake

An account named "3dfx Interactive" that purports to be "The official Twitter handle for 3dfx. Providing the world with the best graphics cards, ever," posted its first tweet on July 31 that reads: "3dfx Interactive is coming back, 20 years later. Prepare for an major announcement regarding our return this Thursday!"

YouTube is testing a more affordable 'Premium Lite' subscription that only removes ads

YouTube is piloting a more affordable version of its premium subscription service that does away with some of the standard tier’s perks.

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