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MLB 'forces' Sony's San Diego Studio to release MLB: The Show 2021 on Xbox

Baseball game MLB: The Show has been a first-party exclusive franchise for Sony's PlayStation consoles since 2006 when it first launched on the PS2. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced that The Show 21 is coming to Xbox on April 20, just one day after it hits PlayStation consoles, and the...

Sony wants to bring its top PlayStation franchises to mobile

In a recently uncovered job listing on Greenhouse, Sony put out a call for a head of mobile. Candidates will be expected to craft a three- to five-year mobile product roadmap that focuses on bringing some of PlayStation’s most popular franchises to mobile devices.

New Android feature will warn users to stop using their phones while walking

The folks at XDA Developers spotted the feature in a teardown of the Digital Wellbeing app back in September. A beta version now appears to be rolling out, with Twitter user @jay__kamat receiving it on his Pixel 4A handset.

Microsoft agrees to acquire speech tech company Nuance for $19.7 billion in cash

Microsoft has agreed to purchase speech recognition and artificial intelligence specialist Nuance in a bid to strengthen its cloud and AI-based healthcare business.

Man finds his PC infested with bugs of the six-legged kind

Lazylollipop posted a video of the crazy ants, which get their name from their frantic and erratic movement, having a party inside his rig, scurrying around his NZXT cooler and Sapphire Nitro+ graphics card.

Rise in sleep streaming helps Twitch reach record viewing figures

The latest State of the Stream report notes that while livestreaming platforms experienced a slight dip in viewing numbers in February after setting records the previous month, March was Twitch’s biggest month to date with over 2 billion hours watched. Facebook Gaming, meanwhile, saw just under 400 million hours—more than...

DuckDuckGo's Chrome browser extension can now block Google's group-based tracking technology

DuckDuckGo has announced that its Chrome browser extension has been updated to block Google's new tracking technology. Although the company suggests users simply stop using Chrome as the most effective way to block FLoC - it's the only browser currently supporting this feature - those looking to continue using Chrome...

Microsoft is promoting Edge-powered web apps on Windows 10's taskbar

As reported by Windows Latest, those with the Windows 10 October 2020 Update or newer could soon start seeing pop-ups featuring the Edge logo. These explain how the feature lets users “Go straight to top sites,” and they can pin “favorite sites to quickly open tabs directly from the taskbar.”

Intel Core i5-11400F Review: The New Value Champ

The Core i5-11400F coupled with a B560 motherboard make for an interesting build configuration, as it's significantly cheaper than the Core i5-11600K/Z590 and less than the cost of the Ryzen 5 5600X.

Man arrested over alleged plot to blow up Amazon data center

Seth Aaron Pendley, 28, of Wichita Falls, was arrested on Thursday after attempting to buy what he believed were C4 explosives but in reality were inert devices from an undercover FBI officer, reports The New York Times.

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