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How a misplaced hard drive bolstered Tracy Chapman's career in 1988

The song "Fast Car" went on to become a smash hit, but what was the occasion that took the song to a well-deserved renown place in music history?Read Entire Article

Dell becomes latest tech titan to trim headcount

Clarke did not say how many team members would be impacted by the changes but according to Bloomberg, Dell is eliminating around 6,600 jobs or around five percent of its global workforce. The executive said the changes will help Dell reduce complexity, increase speed and accelerate innovation, and added that...Read Entire Article

An iPhone Ultra that's more expensive than the Pro Max could arrive next year

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman said in September that Apple could give its regular iPhone lineup an overhaul in 2023 by replacing the top-tier Pro Max with a model called the iPhone Ultra. The claim arrived soon after Apple introduced the Ultra branding in the form of the rugged and very expensive...Read Entire Article

Unreleased 3Dfx Voodoo 5 6000 hits eBay, already bid beyond $12K

The rise was swift and brief. The first 3Dfx Voodoo cards arrived in late 1996 and just five years later, Nvidia scooped up most of the firm's assets. As a result, several of 3Dfx's late-stage offerings never made it to market including the legendary Voodoo 5 6000.Read Entire Article

High-level iOS emulator touchHLE runs on Windows and Mac, aims to preserve old iOS gaming apps

There's a new iOS emulator in town, and it wants to bring 32-bit gaming apps back into a working state on modern machines and operating systems. touchHLE is specifically designed to run games "from the early days of iOS," with a focus on iPhone/iPod touch apps for iPhone OS 2.x....Read Entire Article

This 8-pound copper cylinder can cool an Intel Core i9 CPU pretty effectively

Redditor That-Desktop-User posted their DIY solution on the HardwareGore subreddit. The copper cylinder is being used to cool an unnamed Intel Core i9 CPU in a fully open-air system.Read Entire Article

Flagship iPhone prices have jumped 66% since 2009, but Tim Cook says people are happy to pay more for "the best"

Insider notes that when the iPhone 3G and 3GS launched in 2009, the latter model with its maximum storage and no contract cost $699, or $962 when adjusting for inflation. That's a lot less than the top-specced iPhone 14 Pro Max, which, when bought with 1TB of storage, costs $1,600,...Read Entire Article

Why Steam Deck Is One of the Most Significant PC Gaming Moments in Years

While the launch of the Steam Deck was the opposite of pompous, Valve's gaming handheld has kept gaining momentum. One year later, let's take a look at the impact it's had on the PC gaming market.Read Entire Article

Buying second-hand graphics cards that were used for crypto mining isn't as risky as you might think

Tech Tips' Linus Sebastian has long been a passionate advocate for buying second-hand graphics cards. It's an especially appealing prospect in an era when Nvidia is often referred to as the scalper. But fears that auction-site cards might have been used 24/7 for mining put many potential buyers off—there have...Read Entire Article

Researchers discover AI models generate photos of real people and copyrighted images

Researchers gathered more than a thousand training examples from the models, which ranged from individual person photographs to film stills, copyrighted news images, and trademarked firm logos, and discovered that the AI reproduced many of them almost identically. Researchers from colleges like Princeton and Berkeley, as well as from the...Read Entire...

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