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Gigabyte says its modular 5G PC is the future of gaming

Best known for its range of graphics cards and motherboards, Gigabyte has just revealed Project Cielo by Aorus.

Google introduces Real Tone to fight bias in camera tech

One of Google's blog posts that came with the Pixel 6 presentation, along with the announcement page for Real Tone, both admit that Google in the past has had problems accurately representing people of color with its photo technology. The blog post explains how a lack of testing on subjects...

The Best 4K Gaming Monitors

The 4K gaming monitor segment has really evolved with more options than ever before, more affordable models that are worth buying, and crucial new categories like high-refresh 32-inch displays. Here are our top choices.

Corsair launches new AIO CPU coolers with 30fps LCD screens

Corsair had already teased its new all-in-one liquid coolers, which will support Alder Lake chips, and has now lifted the lid on the iCue Elite LCD line. The AIOs come in three varieties: the H170i Elite LCD (420mm), the H150i Elite LCD (360mm), and the H100i Elite LCD (240mm)....

Facebook is reportedly going to change its name

The Verge writes that Facebook's new name will reflect its focus on creating a metaverse. The company will be rebranded as a parent group overseeing its suite of apps, including Instagram, WhatsApp, Oculus, and the current Facebook app—similar to when Google reorganized in 2015 to become a subsidiary of new...

Wyze's latest commercial is a humorous mini-movie about the hazards of suburban life

The commercial, which is more like a mini-movie, focuses on a quaint two-story American home. The narrator begins by talking about how the front porch is an American invention. His peaceful tone and the calm scene as the camera shows off the home's front stoop belies the chaos soon to...

The Dark Web has become darker and busier, cybercrime services cost less than $500

Cloud security firm, Bitglass, recreated a data tracking experiment from 2015 by inventing a fictional identity selling login and password data. Researchers then posted the information in several dark web marketplaces, enticing users by offering access to fake files that would allow access to organizations in retail, government, gaming, and...

Valve rolls out a beta patch for Half-Life 2, includes long-awaited bug fixes and Vulkan support

The Beta update makes several small but important changes to Half-Life 2, most of which seem geared toward making the game run and look as good as it possibly can on Valve's upcoming Steam Deck handheld PC. We'll get to some of the bigger changes in a moment, but first,...

Google unveils 'Tensor' SoC for on-device machine learning in Pixel 6

Both of the Pixel 6 phones will incorporate Google's new Tensor processor. The SoC lies at the core of Google's machine learning model and enhances features like Google Assistant, Google Translate, Photos, and even mundane phone calls.

Microsoft not done acquiring game studios following $7.5 billion Bethesda buyout, says Xbox head

The Wall Street Journal recently interviewed Microsoft's vice-president of gaming and head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer. During the publication's Tech Live event, Spencer confirmed Xbox is still willing to buy more game studios should suitable opportunities arise.

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