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People young and old spent 110 hours on average gaming during lockdown

Without a doubt, gamers spent more time playing games during the coronavirus lockdown. It was fairly evident from the amount of content that continued to flow throughout the epidemic despite some unfortunate delays for highly anticipated titles. But just how much time did we spend gaming, and what did we...

Crowdsourced documentary invites people to share a glimpse of their daily life

On July 25, 2020, people from all walks of life are encouraged to film their day for the sequel. Whether it’s an ordinary day or a special day, it doesn’t matter – the team, comprised of executive producers Ridley Scott and Kai Hsuing along with director Kevin Macdonald – simply want authenticity.

Thunderbolt 4 is official, will debut in PCs with Intel Tiger Lake CPUs later this year

Today, Intel announced the Thunderbolt 4 specification with a series of improvements over Thunderbolt 3. The new standard will offer the same speed of up to 40 Gbps, but is designed to remove some of the confusion that has governed the Thunderbolt 3 realm for a decade.

Apple rolls out third-party repair program in Canada and EU

On Wednesday, Apple announced it is expanding its third-party iPhone repair program to Canada and Europe. It initiated the service about a year ago in the US. The pilot offers independent repair shops the tools, training, and access to Apple-certified parts to fix its products.

Lucid Motors to open 20 sales and service locations in North America through 2021

The retail locations, known as Lucid Studios, will primarily be located in high-traffic areas and have a relatively small footprint for a more intimate feel. As TechCrunch highlights, the automaker isn’t explicitly labeling these as sales centers as doing so could put the company in violation of regulations that some...

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 865 Plus 5G comes with performance and connectivity improvements

Qualcomm is getting back into the habit of releasing a mid-cycle refresh for its high-end mobile platform. This is essentially a binned variant of the chipset that is able to reach higher stable clocks for that extra bit of performance that's needed in gaming-oriented smartphones and augmented reality apps. There's...

WhatsApp for Windows, Mac and web gets dark mode

Dark mode is now available for the WhatsApp desktop and web clients. To activate it, download the latest version (2.2027.10). Once installed, choose from the three dot menu and find the theme option in settings.

Donkey Kong Country is coming to Nintendo Switch Online this month

Nintendo is adding a trio of additional titles to its Switch Online platform later this month including what is arguably one of the best SNES games of all time.

Apple Pay could offer QR code payments in iOS 14

9to5Mac discovered mentions of the feature in code from the second development beta of iOS 14. It's part of the Wallet app and lets users make payments with QR codes via Apple Pay. While the publication did manage to access the feature, it still doesn’t work.

LinkedIn adds audio clip feature to help correctly pronounce contact names

LinkedIn has added a new feature designed to help others pronounce your name correctly.

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