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Break it.

FWA of the day 21 October 2020: Break it. Project Link Don't just think outside the box. Break it. #FOTD #thefwa

Gallery of the Gamer

FWA of the day 20 October 2020: Gallery of the Gamer Project Link The Gallery of The Gamer is a compelling and fun way to explore the six unique gamer personas that make up the gaming community. We crafted art pieces representing each segment in a visceral way. Users can walk through the WebGL-based gallery to take in the art and dive deeper into...

Æbele Interiors

FWA of the day 19 October 2020: Æbele Interiors Project Link Æbele Interiors offers a full range of bespoke interior design services — from initial concept and aesthetic counselling to coordination, execution and magazine-worthy finishing touches. #FOTD #thefwa

Google: Market Finder Game

FWA of the day 18 October 2020: Google: Market Finder Game Project Link This fun-filled vertical scroller, made in a pre-covid time, introduces businesses to new markets where they can expand abroad. Get local-market insights and tips in a virtual flight where you’re tasked to collect coins and avoid hazards. Play it on desktop, mobile, and even...

Robin Noguier - Portfolio

FWA of the day 17 October 2020: Robin Noguier - Portfolio Project Link Robin Noguier is an interactive designer working on apps and websites for startups, brands, and entrepreneurs. #FOTD #thefwa

Mika X Lotus

FWA of the day 16 October 2020: Mika X Lotus Project Link Projection mapping to promote Mika Limited édition for Lotus Conception and production of the projection mapping film at the Atelier des Lumières Paris. A 4 min film,that explore the 4 éléments illustrations. #FOTD #thefwa

4 Miles

FWA of the day 15 October 2020: 4 Miles Project Link A cultural website dedicated to the music of Miles Davis. An introduction to the artist’s musical universe through 4 iconics albums from his discography. #FOTD #thefwa

DARK: Official Netflix Guide

FWA of the day 14 October 2020: DARK: Official Netflix Guide Project Link Dive into the who, what and wheres of Netflix’s mind-boggling time-travel saga DARK. Beautifully designed, animated and orchestrated, the gloomy guide lets you explore the show’s characters, places and events without having to be afraid of spoilers. #FOTD #thefwa

Centogene Solutions

FWA of the day 13 October 2020: Centogene Solutions Project Link Interactive Website Experience for Centogene. A rare disease company revolutionizing genetic solutions for patients worldwide. #FOTD #thefwa

DMLA - Dans tes yeux

FWA of the day 12 October 2020: DMLA - Dans tes yeux Project Link Jeanne, Colette and Marc have wet AMD, a chronic and progressive disease that affects central vision. This exhibition invites you to discover the disease by looking at it through their eyes. #FOTD #thefwa

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