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Seafarers are facing a Covid-driven humanitarian crisis

Thousands of mariners are unable to sign off from their ships, causing considerable mental agony to them and their families

Hastily hustled farm laws raise question marks

Without proper regulation and monitoring mechanism in place, farmers fear they will be at the mercy of big corporates

All you wanted to know about doorstep banking services

Following the ‘stay home to stay safe’ norm, financial entities, predominantly banks, are now extending their services to the doorsteps of their custo

Letters to the editor dated Sept 21, 2020

Improving investment climateThe editorial ‘Start-up taxation’ (September 21) has raised some valid points to boost investor confidence. It’s especiall

A misleading signal from the trade front

The emergence of a trade surplus in India’s balance of payments over the first five months of FY21 signals the behaviour of an economy in recession

Pandemic positives for the IT sector

The accelerated shift from physical to digital throws up challenges and opportunities. Top IT services companies are confident of improved growth in the coming quarters mainly led by receding challenges on the supply side and the ramp-up of deals

Peace on Sino-Indian borders some way off

By not defining the LAC, China has been arbitrarily expanding its land boundaries across India’s western and eastern borders

Negotiating on a high

 Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal recently suggested that concessions for Scotch Whisky could be offered to the UK once negotiations start

Jobs for locals

It goes against freedoms but has its own logic

For UP’s migrant workers, cane sector can be a sweetener

Inadequate mechanisation of the sector in the State means huge potential for absorbing skilled and unskilled in-migrants

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