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welcome, Studio Frédéric Held / Switzerland

Studio Frédéric Held is a graphic design office based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Through our practice we develop functional and honest projects following classic editorial and design knowledge with an additional subtle twist. The studio likes to play with simple geometrical shapes and images to create impactful narratives. Simultaneously, typography...

welcome, Junki Hong / South Korea

Junki Hong who is a graphic designer from Seoul, KR is currently working as a freelance designer. He is working on experimental type design and expressive typography on various media. Early this year, he started to do lettering experiments as a personal project to test a range of the typeface design between text and images.view all posters →view all...

welcome, mary banas / United States

Mary Banas connects people and ideas through design, direction, and education.view all posters →view all posters →

welcome, Matina Nikolaidou / Greece

Matina Nikolaidou is a multidisciplinary graphic designer born and rased in Athens, Greece. She has studied in Athens and Porto and worked in Berlin. She enjoys to experiment with various means of visual expression and constantly challenge herself. Her main interests include visual systems, typography, illustration and print publications.view...

welcome, aline de feyter / Belgium

I am a double master graduate in visual arts, graphic design and typography from St Lucas Antwerp (2019) and the research group READSEARCH at PXL-MAD Hasselt (2020). Research to the (re)design of numbers and questioning its conventions in type design forms the essence of my growing independent practice. In this practice, the impact of type design and...

welcome, Matěj Moravec / Czechia

Matěj is a graphic designer with a background in illustration and game design. He is focusing on cultural and selected commercial work. Born and educated in Prague (CZ). Currently living and working in Lausanne (CH).view all posters →view all posters →

welcome, michele salati / Hong Kong

I consider myself a genuine visual thinker. I've worked across all media, creating global as well as local work. With 15 years of experience at different agencies across Europe, and currently based in Hong Kong, I like ideas which transcend cultural borders. I divide my time between advertising and personal artistic projects.view all posters →view all...

welcome, keith kitz / United States

Keith Kitz is an artist, designer, and educator living in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the founder of Keith Kitz Design, a private practice that services clients both nationally and internationally. Kitz is also the Program Director, Master of Arts in Graphic Design (MAGD), and an Assistant Professor, Graphic Design in the College of Arts & Sciences...

welcome, sander puhl / Netherlands

Hello, my name is Sander Puhl. I am a graphic designer, image maker and illustrator located in Amsterdam. Since 2018 I am working in-house at the music venue Paradiso. I am both responsible for maintaining the visual communication designed by Experimental Jetset as well as designing additional artwork for the venue. I do freelance projects, collabs...

welcome, Filippo Ascione / Italy

i’m filippo, a freelance graphic and digital designer based in livorno. i collaborate with inspiring brands, businesses & start-ups to shape their digital projects. i’m an experienced team leader and thrive collaborating with multi-disciplinary groups to solve complex problems and create intuitive experiences. my skills include graphic design,...

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