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Don’t ever Ever forget about Value Proposition

Successful companies and startups has something in common that often big companies forget…that is a clear value proposition. Value proposition is not just about creating a “sticky” slogan to use in your web header and corporate design, a thought value … Continue reading →

10 pillars for a successful eCommerce user experience

Consider this as a 10 points checklist to evaluate an eCommerce experience, putting the focus not just in usability but in those points that could make a difference between success and failure, meaning that could directly impact in conversion, activation … Continue reading →

Using MBTI to shape User Personas’ personality

You are interviewing some people for building your User Personas or perhaps to explore how they will react to different product solutions. Then you realize you need to know some personality traits in order to understand why they react the … Continue reading →

Contextual experience, the holy grail of Relevance

Recently my sister came to visit me from Argentina. Anyone who expected visitors from afar will have experienced the anxiety generated: Have they taken off on time? Have they Landed right now?...A few days before she arrived, she send me … Continue reading →

Just can’t get enough… of Human Factors resources!

For some time I have been studying the Podcasts and Webcasts from Human Factors International, and I say studying because just looking is not enough! (Specially if you check the Webcast, extensive and full of examples). If you do not … Continue reading →

Hello world!

I’m Silvana Churruca an User Experience Designer going to Strategist currently working for Softonic.com. This is my first blog! I finally decided to move all my google Drive files into public and share with you some reflections, insights or tips … Continue reading →

HCI notes: Human Information Processing (HIP)

HIP is basically a theoretical framework where computer is adopted as a metaphor of human cognitive functions. Human Information Processing (HIP) Ux lady-human-information-processing from Silvana Churruca  

HCI notes: Designing for error

Designing for error is about consider Human Factors in Design process order to avoid error or preparing system for human behaviour. Designing for error Ux lady-designing-for-error from Silvana Churruca

CSIM notes: Adaptive behaviour and social neuroscience

This presentation was created for the “Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Higher cognitive Functions” course on CSIM master 2009. Adaptive Behavior Adaptive behavior and Social neuroscience from Silvana Churruca

Experience maps, user journeys and more…

Experience Map is an important design tool to understand our product/service interactions from users’ point of view. One experience map is basically a visual representation that illustrate users’ flow (within a product or service) their needs, wants, expectations  and the … Continue reading →

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