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Arizona GOP bows to election denialism in bid for unity

Jeff DeWit, a former state treasurer and Trump campaign aide, wooed prominent election deniers to stave off far-right challenge

The 2024 GOP presidential primary season is kicking off. Here’s the potential field.

As Donald Trump hits the trail, many other Republicans are making moves toward challenging him.

Trump’s path to GOP nomination is strewn with obstacles

Trump tries to jump-start his lackluster campaign. Rivals, including Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, hold off. So far, the 2024 contest looks little like 2016.

President, protesters, athletes and politicians mourn Tyre Nichols

President Biden, sports stars, civil rights activists and protesters have expressed their outrage at the video showing Memphis police beating Tyre Nichols.

As Trump hits the trail in two states, some vulnerablities come into focus

Trump campaigned in New Hampshire and then headed to South Carolina on Saturday, amid growing Republican interest in elevating other standard-bearers

Independent voters wary of investigations, want House GOP to deliver results

In several focus groups in battlegrounds, independents worry the new House majority's focus on investigations is just part of a "get-even" culture.

Who would work for Rep. Santos? Capitol Hill is watching closely.

No staff hirings on Capitol Hill are being more closely watched than those of Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), who has been buried in controversy since his election.

DeSantis advisers prepare for potential presidential run, explore staff options

The private activity is the latest indication the second-term Republican governor is laying a foundation for a potential White House bid.

A retrospective on the right’s Paul Pelosi conspiracy theories

Newly-released footage should quash speculation about the assault. But the Pelosi episode shows how many on the right are all too easer to spread innuendo and debunked claims.

There’s actually only one conspiracy theory: Democrats are evil

Everything else — the attack on Paul Pelosi, the stolen election, the "deep state" targeting Donald Trump — is just a variation.

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