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How Mysterious Protest Messages Have Filled the Skies

A WIRED investigation reveals how artists and skytypers are pioneering a new type of tech-fueled activism—and the inhumane conditions they're fighting.

The 'Super Smash Bros.' Community Reckons With Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Dozens of people have come forward over the past week, many pointing to a culture that they say enabled rampant predatory behavior.

Amazon Bans Employees From Using TikTok on Their Phones

US lawmakers have repeatedly raised security concerns over the app's Chinese ownership. Are US businesses next?

What It's Like to Work at Studio Ghibli

Steve Alpert worked at the animation house for 15 years, a time he details in his new book Sharing a House with the Never-Ending Man.

Where Are the Adults in the Clubhouse?

Plus: A tough review of IBM’s PCjr, fresh questions on Covid-19, and government help for the self-sufficient.

Microsoft Halts a Global Fraud Campaign That Targeted CEOs

A sophisticated scheme was designed to trick businesses in more than 60 countries into wiring large sums of money to attackers.

Covid-19 Immunity May Rely on a Microscopic Helper: T Cells

Researchers have been looking beyond antibodies to understand how immunity to the new virus might work—and how to design a vaccine.

The Ways We’re Fighting Back Against Doomscrolling

This week, Angela Watercutter joins us to talk about why it's hard to unglue your eyes from bad news on social media. Plus, we share our tips for putting down the phone.

Defending Black Lives Means Banning Facial Recognition

What’s happening in Detroit should be a wakeup call for the nation. We can’t stop police violence without ending police surveillance.

13 YouTube Channels We Geek Out Over in Quarantine

From flying a plane to restoring art, YouTubers can truly teach you anything. Here are the best shows that have sparked our curiosity during quarantine.

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