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Twitter’s Sexual Fascination With a Not-Sexual Octopus Movie

This week, Netflix's My Octopus Teacher got a reputation for being a very different movie than it is. Here's why.

Sony A8H 4K OLED Review: A Love Letter to the Home Theater

The company's latest TV is a love letter to the home theater, a display defined by its otherworldly vibrance.

The Business of the Internet Is Stuck in Trump's Swamp

Plus: Silicon Valley’s reaction to Snowden, journalists’ relationships with their subjects, and an unpleasant surprise for hikers.

The Messy Feud Over Who Controls TikTok

This week, we discuss how the fight over the app might shape US tech policy and US-China relations for years to come.

How Teachers Can Foster Community in Online Classrooms

Remote learning doesn't have to mean distracted, disconnected students. Here's what you can do to build calm and trust.

Why Is It So Hard to Study Covid-Related Smell Loss?

Patients have long reported the sudden inability to smell. But restrictions on in-person exams are complicating efforts to figure out what's going on.

The Ring Always Home Cam Flies Around Inside Your House

Look at this freaking drone.

Federal Executions During Covid-19 Put Innocent Lives at Risk

The current wave of executions is increasing the likelihood that lawyers, observers, and correctional staff could be infected.

Facebook Busts Russian Disinfo Networks as US Election Looms

The campaigns primarily targeted countries outside the US. But the same mechanisms could be used in “hack and leak” operations like those that roiled the 2016 campaign.

Everything Amazon Just Announced—Like That Crazy Home Drone

The company debuted a gaggle of new stuff, including several round Echos and a cloud gaming service.

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