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Noma Is Closing. Welcome to the End of Fine Dining

Prestige restaurants are often unsustainable, intense workplaces. It’s time for the culture around them to change.

Fake Pictures of People of Color Won’t Fix AI Bias

Companies claim synthetic images can add diversity to AI data sets, but they carry functional and moral risks.

Fact-Checkers Are Scrambling to Fight Disinformation With AI

Bad actors use artificial intelligence to propagate falsehoods and upset elections, but the same tools can be repurposed to defend the truth.

Layoffs Broke Big Tech’s Elite College Hiring Pipeline

Students from top schools used to waltz from Silicon Valley internships into lucrative jobs. Now, some are reconsidering their options.

Enter the Hunter Satellites Preparing for Space War

True Anomaly, a startup backed by US senator JD Vance's VC firm, plans to launch prototype pursuit satellites on a SpaceX flight later this year.

The Last Drug That Can Fight Gonorrhea Is Starting to Falter

Data gaps, funding cuts, and shyness about sex let gonorrhea gain drug-resistance. There are no new treatments yet.

Spotted a UFO? There’s an App for That

Enigma Labs launches a project to crowdsource and quantify data about “unidentified aerial phenomena.”

An AI Filter Revealed My Secret Self

Yes, they're problematic. They can also reflect an alternate reality that feels eerily close to the truth.

Raycon Everyday Earbuds (E25) Review: Not Just for YouTubers

Sure, every influencer owns these buds. They’re still pretty good.

Why Bother Bringing Back the Dodo?

Audacious plans to resurrect the long-extinct bird could be lucrative. But the moonshot raises thorny philosophical questions.

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