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The 12 Best White Paint Colors (According To Experts)

We scoured 100+ white paint colors featured on more than a dozen “best white” lists to determine what are truly the most universally loved white paints. I even made a spreadsheet! These are the 12 colors that came up over & over again. They’re trusted by everyone from interior designers & architects to builders & bloggers alike. So let’s...

Tue Feb 6, 2024 19:32
17 Easy DIY Shelf Ideas

Over the years, we’ve added tons of shelves to our homes – from floating shelves and built-in bookcases to decorative display shelves and heavy-duty storage shelves. So in this post, we’re rounding up some of our favorite DIY shelving projects for anyone looking to add smart vertical storage to their space. We’re going to cover: Floating Shelves...

Fri Jan 5, 2024 21:51
The Best Christmas Trees, Lights, & Holiday Decorations

Over the last 17 years, we’ve decorated a whole bunch of houses for the holidays and it means that we have favorite methods and items when it comes to decking the halls. And why is finding the best Christmas tree lights so hard?! The point is, we’ve tried a ton of holiday decorations, and this post is your one-stop shop for photos, ideas, info, and...

Tue Nov 28, 2023 18:33
2023 Holiday Gift Guides – With Ideas As Low As $3!

Just like for our 2022 Gift Guides and 2021 Gift Guides, we’ve put all three of our gift lists in one place (this post right here). So, without further ado… let’s dive into the 3 categories that we cover every year: Gift Ideas for Grown-Ups Gift Ideas for Kids Gift Ideas Under $12.99 We have fun making these each year, and always include things...

Fri Nov 17, 2023 20:52
How We Organized Our Closets: Tips & A Video Tour

It feels like a miracle, but we’ve gone from absolutely zero closet space in our bedroom (when we moved in we just had dressers) to having just as much space as our last house’s big walk-in closet! We’ve previously covered how we installed Ikea Pax wardrobes and how we made them look built-in, so today we’re throwing open every door & drawer to...

Thu Nov 9, 2023 22:04
6 Layout Features We Love In Our Smaller Home (And 1 You Might Not)

Since downsizing to our 1400 square foot house three and a half years ago (as a refresher, our previous house was more than twice as large – clocking in at 3150 square feet), you’ve probably heard us proclaim that smart storage is key. It certainly makes living in a smaller home a lot more sustainable and enjoyable, but there are also specific layout...

Fri Oct 27, 2023 02:40

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