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4 Questions You Should Always Ask Your Doctor @TED @TEDx #shorts #tedxtalks

Dr. Christer Mjåset provides four simple questions we can all ask our doctors the next time we visit. Watch his full TED Talk: https://youtu.be/g-hLhopgSAg

Is Democracy Doomed? The Global Fight for Our Future | Timothy Snyder | TED

If you think democracy is some kind of inevitable, default setting for the world, then you aren't going to have it for very long, says historian and author Timothy Snyder. From World War I to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Snyder dives into the structures that uplift and tear down political systems, offering a historical perspective on the current...

How to Recognize Privilege — and Uplift Those without It | Mariam Veiszadeh | TED

Depending on your lot in life, you may see the status quo as a result of unearned privilege or a simple reflection of merit. Backed by statistics and personal stories, lawyer Mariam Veiszadeh offers a much-needed perspective check on the quasi-equality touted in business today, calling for real change in workplace diversity and inclusion that routs...

Why Autism Is Under-Diagnosed in Women @TED @TEDx #shorts #tedtalks

Emmy Peach explores why Autism Spectrum Disorder is under-diagnosed in females and raises awareness and appreciation of neurodiversity. Watch her full TED Talk: https://youtu.be/7KPK5sMar5w

Could Fungi Actually Be the Key to Humanity’s Survival? | David Andrew Quist | TED

After a billion years of evolution, fungi are masters of invention and resilience. What wisdom can we draw from their long, remarkable existence? Mycologist David Andrew Quist explores how fungi's innate biointelligence, penchant for collaboration and incredible regeneration abilities can show us new ways to think about complex problems -- and may hold...

The Best Career Path Isn’t Always a Straight Line @TED @TEDx #shorts #tedxtalks

Sarah Ellis and Helen Tupper are the co-founders of Amazing If, an award-winning career development company with a mission to make work better for everyone. Watch their full TED Talk: https://youtu.be/1ALfKWG2nmw

The Secret to Making New Friends as an Adult | Marisa G. Franco | TED

Making friends as an adult can feel like a baffling obstacle course. Why was it so much easier to connect as kids? To help you find well-rounded and fulfilling friendships, psychologist Marisa Franco discusses science-backed tips on how to make (and keep) friends, like the optimism-inducing "acceptance prophecy" and the shame-reducing "theory of chums."...

How Black Queer Culture Shaped History | Channing Gerard Joseph | TED

Names like Bayard Rustin, Frances Thompson and William Dorsey Swann have been largely erased from US history, but they and other Black queer leaders played central roles in monumental movements like emancipation, civil rights and LGBTQ+ pride, among others. In this tribute to forgotten icons, queer culture historian and TED Fellow Channing Gerard Joseph...

The Fairy Tales of the Fossil Fuel Industry – and a Better Climate Story | Luisa Neubauer | TED

The fossil fuel industry is a factory of fairy tales, says activist and School Strike for Climate organizer Luisa Neubauer. Tracing the industry's five-decade trickle of lies about climate science, she busts the myth that economic growth and stability are dependent on fossil fuels -- and issues a resounding message about how we can actually move towards...

On Art, Ideas and Building Community @TED @TEDx #shorts #tedxtalk

Tanya Nock is an arts activist; a rare combination of creative arts facilitator and savvy business person. Watch her full TED Talk: https://youtu.be/73-_w1jp8_w

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