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Emotional Technology - Ilya Oskolkov (LIVE from UX Salon 2022)

Ilya will discuss the challenges and opportunities of *Emotional Technology or EmoTech**. As AI gets better at recognizing human emotions, a vast new field opens for designers and product creators to help people better understand each other and themselves. With Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper, Product & Customer Experience Designer #ux #uxdesign

Design Triggers The Psychology-Based UI Design - Sagi Shrieber (LIVE from UX Salon 2022)

Sagi will share the psychological approach to design and reveal how you can boost engagement, retention, brand awareness, and the emotional stickiness of your product with very simple tweaks! With Sagi Shrieber, CEO & Creative Director, Contrast

Designing New Projects—Remotely - Tiffani Jones Brown (LIVE from UX Salon 2022)

Join executive editorial director and Remotely Curious podcast host Tiffani Jones Brown as she walks you through the ins and outs of shipping a big, collaborative project—whether you’re hybrid, remote, or as we call it, “Virtual First.” With Tiffani Jones Brown, Executive Editorial Director, Dropbox #ux #uxdesign #uxsalon

Game Design Thinking: The Play Centric Approach to UX - Dori Adar

In this highly interactive talk, the participants will learn how to create a “playable blueprint” of any product. Then, shuffle its ingredients into a set of engaging features that will move users to action. With Dori Adar, Creative Director, Founder of Hands-on Games #UX #uxdesign #uxsalon

Designing For Complex Systems- How To Find Your Way - Shoval Zohar

Even though complex systems are everywhere, there is a common misconception that designers must specialize in a specific domain to work with them. Shoval Zohar, a Product Designer at Wix, will show the opposite to be true. With Shoval Zohar, Product Designer, Wix #ux #uxdesign #uxsalon

Fixing Frustrating Design Patterns in 2022 - Vitaly Friedman (LIVE from UX Salon 2022)

We’ll take a closer look at some frustrating design patterns and explore better alternatives, with real-life case study examples. You’ll walk away with a packed toolbox of techniques that you’ll be able to apply to your projects right away. With Vitaly Friedman, Editor-in-chief, Smashing Magazine #ux #uxdesign #uxsalon

So Wrong it’s Right- When Breaking Best Practices is Good for Your Copy - Yael Ben-David

This talk will address what best practices are, where they came from, and what they’re good for; also, when to break them and how to break them well, with plenty of real-life examples. With Yael Ben-David, UX Writer, Fundbox #ux #uxdesign #uxsalon

UX Problem-Solving Workshop - Yonatan Levy

In this workshop, we’ll go over different problem-solving methodologies and how to use them in your work. We’ll also talk about how to present your solutions in the most effective way possible. Join us and learn how to become a problem-solving machine! Read More: https://2022.uxsalon.com/ux-problem-solving/

Without User Research, it’s just writing.

An excerpt from WORDS 2022 Panel Discussion: Where Research Meets UX Writing. Jasmine Clark, Director of Content Design & UX Research, RV Education Jonathan McFadden, Senior Content Designer, Shopify #uxwriting #microcopy #productdesign #contentdesign #contentstrategy #uidesigner #uxdesigner #ux #ui #uxevents #uxwriters #uxwriter #uxwriteritalia...

Writing Two Sides of One Transaction: Yael Ben-David - WORDS 2020

What do Airbnb, ebay, LinkedIn (and many others) have in common? They are all two-sided platforms: on the one side there are users offering something and on the other side there are users who want it. The value of these products is dependent on bringing both sides into the same product. Fundbox’s payments platform also has two two sides: The businesses...

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