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Why Stories Work: Emerging Science & Practical Insights for Creatives - Benjamin Hersh

Do you work with other people? A good story can rally your team, win over stakeholders, and inspire action. It’s never been more important or challenging to engage your audience and hold their attention. How might we use the tools at hand to convey ideas clearly and persuasively? This talk explores the craft of storytelling through the lens of remote...

Writing for Product Wireframes: UX Text from Inception - Derek Kedziora

Every writer in tech has heard, “Here’s the final design, just add some copy.” That’s a surefire way to get bad text and a questionable product. Writing production-ready text at the wireframe stage is the antidote. Derek will outline the dos and don’ts for getting writers involved from the start. And that’s when the magic happens: – Great content...

UX for Kids: Designing for the Next Generation of Play / Shuli Gilutz

Big data, IoT, ubiquitous computing, personalized learning, 3D printing, VR/AR… All these buzz words have trickled down into the design of digital environment for kids too. Can they truly be integrated in play? Shuli Gilutz will discuss examples of digital and physical play, and how these may be integrated for better UX for kids. Shuli's Bio:...

How to Create Amazing Online Events?

4 easy to implement tips that would make your online event memorable and meaningful. UX Salon WORDS 2020 http://words2020.uxsalon.com/

UX Night LIVE: Encouraging Clicks Without Shady Tricks (With Paul Boag)

Join us for UX Night live on Zoom with the amazing Paul Boag RSVP Here: https://click.eventbrite.com The web has become a noisy place with millions of companies trying to get users’ attention. No wonder many of them apply increasingly desperate techniques to encourage users to act on their websites. We’ve seen an explosion of dark patterns attempting...

Introducing WORDS 2020

Introducing UX Salon WORDS 2020 an online event geared for the UX industry bringing the best minds in UX Writing and content design in one place.⁠ Although the conference is geared for writers in tech, it is actually for anyone working in design (that's you!). We will look at how to leverage the power of emotions, how to write for the mobile platform,...

How to Make Remote Work Happen. A Survival Kit - LIVE

Making remote work at home is challenging especially if you are facing uncertain situations. Setting boundaries, satisfying our needs is something which needs to be covered in order to not get burned out and make our creativity batteries up and running. Most of us dream for working from home, now this dream came true, let's make sure it doesn't end...

Meet UX Salon 2020 speaker, Jay Dutta, SVP of UX, MakeMyTrip.com

What's Arranged Marriage got to do with Product Design? How can we make our users fall in love and ‘marry’ our products? How to create this as a long-lasting relationship? This is a fun talk with thoughtful takeaways, for thinking in long arcs of time for growth and retention. Visit our website:http://2020.uxsalon.com/agenda/

How Not To Build a Loyalty Program - Allie Vogel

Video from Fail:UX 2019 an evening dedicated to failure and success in product design.http://www.uxsalon.com/

The UX Salon Experience - Interviews

We are looking forward to see you next at UX Salon 2020 May 17-18, Tel Avivhttps://2020.uxsalon.com/

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