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The mystery of the lost sisters - Rebecca Webster

Get to know the story of the Three Sisters, and what we can learn about sustainably growing food from Indigenous practices. -- Suffering illness and despair, Chief Handsome Lake prepared for death. Then, he had a vision. He was walking through a planted field and heard a woman call out. She told him that the recent devastation had left her...

Tue Feb 20, 2024 18:12
Why can't you put metal in a microwave? - Aaron Slepkov

Dig into the science of how microwave ovens use electromagnetic waves to heat your food, and what you should avoid cooking in them. -- In 1945, engineer Percy Spencer was standing near a RADAR device that produced high-intensity microwaves and noticed that his candy bar had melted. He then exposed popcorn kernels to the magnetron device, and...

Thu Feb 15, 2024 18:22
The god who wanted to rule the seas - Raiana McKinney and Esther Wozniak

Dig into the Fijian myth of Dakuwaqa, the shape-shifting shark god who is determined to take over all of Fiji's islands. -- Long ago, the ancestral gods of Fiji settled on the Pacific archipelago. They eventually metamorphosed into various forms, with the god Dakuwaqa transforming into a shark. But he was unsatisfied. He became proud and greedy...

Tue Feb 13, 2024 18:19
Is Chandigarh a perfectly planned city? - Vikramāditya Prakāsh

Explore the construction of the futurist city Chandigarh, a project of Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru and planned by Le Corbusier. -- In 1947, India achieved independence from British rule — but this freedom came at a tremendous cost. Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, was eager to usher his country towards a brighter, united...

Thu Feb 8, 2024 18:17
Why does this flower smell like a dead body? - Daniel Nickrent

Explore how the Rafflesia plant uses parasitic strategies to grow the world’s largest flower, and find out why it smells so bad. -- Deep inside the Sumatran rainforest, a carrion fly descends, guided by the scent of its favorite place to lay eggs: rotting animal carcasses. But when it lands, it isn’t on liquifying flesh, but instead on the...

Tue Feb 6, 2024 18:20
How does alcohol cause blackouts? - Shannon Odell

Explore how alcohol interacts with your brain, and how it can interrupt the brain’s memory networks, leading to blackouts. -- Alcohol has been shown to have strange and selective effects on the brain. Many intoxicated people can perform complex tasks like holding a detailed conversation or navigating a walk home. Yet for those experiencing...

Thu Feb 1, 2024 18:51

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