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(TWIMC) I'm on vacation till 6-june-2021. With no stable Internet connection. Я в отпуске до 6-июня-2021. Без стабильного интернета.

Isn't the 'Reverse Engineering for Beginners' book outdated already?

I've been asked often: Why are the compilers in the RE4B book are that old? Is the book itself outdated? Because work on the book was started at the beginning of 2010. (This is why old MSVC 2008 is used in some places.) It is not outdated, because: 1) Compilers don't evolve that fast, so the code generated by MSVC 2010 and by the latest...


Nothing special, just a small utility I used in 2015-2016. Download. # base64scanner This utility scans binary file for base64 strings. Run it for options available. ## Examples ### Oracle RDBMS 11.2 win32 ... has some false positives (function names treated as base64, whole base64 alphabet has been treated as base64 string),...

Boyer-Moore string search algorithm explanation and formal verification using CBMC

Previously I did this with Knuth-Morris-Pratt algorithm: part I, part II, part III. So again, let's try to reinvent string-search algorithm. Version 1 If a substring would be compared in reverse order, things may be different. For example, we search for a 'CAT' substring in 'HORSE TURTLE CAT' string. With naive algorithm,...

[Unix] Using GeoIP from commandline

GeoIP is not a free database, but a limited versions (countries only) are available freely. Ubuntu packages: geoip-bin, geoip-databases. I can run it from command-line to get a country statistics for my website for the first ~3.5 months of the year 2021: i@vps5:~/web/logs/$ cat access.log.2021-* | grep pdf | cut -f 1 -d '...

Bayes classifier for your books

I knew about dbacl -- a simple Bayes classifier, that can classify small texts. See the short tutorial. Basically, it was used for filtering spam, but can also categorize your email, like gmail does ('Social', 'Promotions', etc). But I wanted to classify my books library, which is in PDF/DJVU/EPUB/MOBI form, but also available in text form,...

[Unix] Translating a text from screenshot

While installing a German software, I was stumbled by this: (Sorry, software's name has been redacted due to NDA.) Of course, I know no German (maybe except couple of words from German porn movies), and the text cannot be copypasted from a Win32 message box. (And I had no energy to dive into Win32 resources, etc...) So...

[Unix] Translating a text from screenshot

[Unix] Translating a text from screenshot

[Unix] The most primitive local search engine for your books library

My library is huge and I'm a bookworm. For years, I've been using a local search engine: DocFetcher and dtSearch for Windows and Recoll for Linux. A local search engine may be more suitable than Google because you can narrow down your search to your own carefully collected books/papers/texts, while Google would offer you everything it has....

Reverse Engineering for Beginners published in Korean language

I'm happy to announce that the Korean translation for RE4B book is available for order: Here, here or here. So if you read in Korean and want to have a professionally translated/edited/published/printed hard copy, you can buy it. This is the 2nd edition already, Acorn publisher did their work on the 1st edition in 2014-2015. French,...

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